Shomin no Aji – Chapter 296

The purpose of the tea parties.

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A few days passed since the visit of the Baron Mayor father and daughter.
In the meanwhile, I accompanied Okaasama for a few tea parties, but because there weren’t any young ladies close to my age, I didn’t make any other friends as I was expecting. I’m disappointed. If I make any close friends beside Mariel-chan, then I won’t be able to freely talk about my past life, so oh well…
Right now, deepening my friendship with Mariel-chan is of the utmost importance!

Come to think of it, although there weren’t young ladies, young masters were present. Apparently, two or three boys were forced to participate each time so I wouldn’t be the only child participating.
The older children who will be my seniors at the academy behaved well, but the children of the same age as me were shit-… no, they were boys with unacceptable discipline. They threw some small stuff at me and tried to play some pranks on me, but I enclosed myself in a thin, unnoticeable barrier, so I survived by repelling everything. Everyone found it mysterious that I didn’t react though. Seriously, if my manners teacher Retia was here, they would be greatly scolded no doubt. When thinking such one day while returning from a tea party, I was shocked by Okaasama who told me「Those boys who have participated in the tea parties up until now were all your fiancé candidates」.
I was certain that Okaasama was in collusion with Lily-sama to engage me to Prince Ray after all.

「What, there’s no need to be surprised that much, right? You are a daughter of a good family without an engagement, it’s not that strange for a few candidates to appear」
「No, umm, I was certain that Okaasama wished to engage me to Prince Ray, so…」
「Well, in the past, even before you two were born, I spoke with Lily… Her Majesty, how wonderful it would be if our children got together. That’s why, if you willing, we will settle it immediately, you know?」
「That’s, err, not something I’m willing just yet…」

I want to be free for the time being, so I will politely decline. Yes.

「Haa… I understand that you are not interested at all, but it wouldn’t be strange for you to already have a fiancé, you know? Rather, it’s strange that one hasn’t been chosen for you already」

Naturally. I have to thank Otousama and Oniisama for that.
I have no intentions of missing my marriage, but if I do, it might not be bad to build a small house in the corner of the fief and enjoy the rest of my life slowly.
Seeing me absentmindedly think like that, Okaasama placed her hand on her temple in exhaustion and sighed.

「Geez, you… thinking how difficult it was for us, we wanted to let our children be free as much as possible, so they wouldn’t suffer like we did, but you will have to choose a partner soon. Think about it carefully while in the academy. I will say it just in case, but I won’t force you to choose from among the current candidates」

It certainly is strange for someone of my status to not have a fiancé yet. I thought it was all because of Otousama’s adoring for his daughter that he rejected all candidates with「I won’t let my daughter become a bride!」, but it seems that Okaasama’s breaking off the engagement was the main cause.

「If you don’t choose a partner soon, you might end up as the second wife of an old gentleman, alright? You have to be careful, okay?」

Okaasama said while smiling.
Ugh, Okaasama is capable of everything…
I could only reply「I will handle it carefully…」with a cramp on my face.

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