Shomin no Aji – Chapter 298



I have been exchanging letters with Mariel-chan every day since I talked with Baron Mayor, but I realized how wonderful the communication system of my past life was.
The charm of letters is splendid~ is what the past life me thought. However, in fact, it takes a really long time to get a response when using a letter. I have no choice but to anxiously wait for the reply. It’s not the matter of「Read and ignored? Still no reply?」. I can only think whether the letter has already arrived.
This is why noble madams and young ladies hold tea parties that frequently, to amuse themselves by chatting. Talking directly is way faster and there’s a difference in the freshness of the information.
That’s why I invited Mariel-chan to stay at our house overnight. I mean look, writing letters is too difficult for us, we also have lots to talk about. I want to talk slowly and at ease!

「Thank you very much for your invitation」

Mariel-chan greeted me cutely. Yaay~! I was waiting!
Ufufu, Mariel-chan came to our house to stay over!

「Welcome. I was looking forward to Mariel-sama’s visit very much, you know?」
「I also was looking forward to it!」

Ufufu, I smiled. First of all, we decided to hold the girls only tea party we couldn’t have the last time.

We moved to the cat-themed parlor from before to have a girls talk over tea and sweets.
After the preparations of a certain extent were done, I had Miria and others withdraw and cast a light barrier and soundproof magic.
Like this, we can have a secret talk without holding back.
I told Mashiro and others that I will introduce them later and to stay in their room until then.
I think I should talk about my past life with Mashiro and others soon. I somehow haven’t had the right opportunity to talk about it. I also have to ask Mariel-chan if it would be fine to tell them that she’s a reincarnated person as well.

The teacakes I prepared this time were Dorayaki I handed as a souvenir to Mariel-chan the last time and I also prepared Youkan. The tea is Sencha with the choice of bitterness.
When I took it out, Mariel-chan’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

「Th… this! Amaz…! Erm, Cristea-sama, once again, thank you very much for your souvenir the last time. It was extremely delicious!」

She looked like she would drool anytime, but Mariel-chan quickly pulled herself together and bowed.

「No, no, you are welcome」

I similarly bowed quietly.

「No, no, no need to be modest」
「No, no…」

As both of us bowed like former Japanese, when our eyes met when we raised our heads, we burst into laughter.
Now then, let the girls only gathering begin!


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