Shomin no Aji – Chapter 299

How did I know?


「Still, I was really surprised by the memo you gave me the last time. Since then, I was dying to talk to you! To think Cristea-sama was a reincarnated person just like me, right?」

Knowing that I am a reincarnated person like her, Mariel-chan’s tone gradually loosened. It’s nice, this friendly feeling.

「I was also surprised. To think for one to be this close, moreover, a former Japanese at that?」

I relaxed my tone as well.
Mariel-chan nodded to my words.

「But, I find it strange. How did you understand that I was a reincarnated person?」

Mariel-chan seemed not to understand how I could tell that she was reincarnated and tilted her head to the side. Huh? Has she got no self-awareness by any chance?

「You were saying things like nice… and precious… while watching Prince Ray and Oniisama talking, so I got a hunch」
「Eh? No way! You have noticed it from something like that!?… That means, Cristea-sama is rotten as well…?」
「I’m not! I certainly was an otaku, but my friend was a person like that. You were saying the same stuff as her. ‘Perhaps…?’ I thought. The memo was a gamble, but I was intending to pretend I handed you the wrong thing were I mistaken」
「I see… haha, I thought there wasn’t anyone who would understand, so I muttered the words on my mind in a spur of the moment」

Tehe? Mariel-chan smiled shyly. As I thought, she was a fujoshi in her past life…

「Indeed, if I didn’t know the meaning behind your words, ‘Those two are precious? Well they are handsome, so that might be true’ is what I would probably think. It was truly just a coincidence, no, a miracle that I noticed」
「You also find them precious because you are the little sister!? Well, from the intimate mood of those two hunks, my wild delusions couldn’t help but be strong! It was a wonderful treat!」
「…… No, I didn’t mean precious in that way. Could you please stop looking at my relative with such eyes?」

As expected, it would be difficult to face my acquaintances knowing that they are targets of such wild delusions.

「Ehe, forgive me. I will be careful?」
「You are not going to stop, but will be careful, what??」
「Well, this is just as natural as breathing, so… telling me to stop my wild delusions is same as telling me to stop breathing, you see?」

Ahhahha! Mariel-chan laughed.
… I thought she was a frail squirrel kitten, but it feels like I have summoned an outrageous monster.
Come to think of it, my friend was like this too.

「Erm, even though it’s a behavior of fujoshi, I will ask you to keep it moderate, okay?」
「Okay~ okay~! Leave it to me!」

Mariel-chan replied with tightly clasped fists. I, I’m worried.


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