Shomin no Aji – Chapter 301

What were you in your past life?


「By the way, when did you remember your past life’s memories, Cristea-san?」

Mariel-chan asked curiously.

「Me? It was when I ate Okpal… Takoyaki from a stall when shopping around the town in our fief」

As soon as I corrected myself to say Takoyaki, Mariel-chan’s mouth opened wide.

「Ta, tatatatakoyaki!? They have them in this world!?」
「Calm down, Mariel-san. Strictly speaking, it’s food similar to Takoyaki. When I think about it now, it was made from octopus, but the sauce still tastes incomplete」

I have already got my hands on soy sauce and other various things, so it might be the time to start making the sauce soon.

「Ah, the sauce, huh… I see. But, making a Takoyaki-ish thing is possible then?」
「Yes. If I have that pan made」
「I, I want to eat it…! Takoyaki are nice. Okonomiyaki too, but what you really yearn for is the sauce, right?」

Ah, I understand, I understand that feeling. It’s a flavor I wanted to eat regularly during my past life.

「Yeah. I also want to eat it, so perhaps I should try doing my best at making the sauce?」

When I said so casually, my shoulders were suddenly grabbed. Eh?

「Please do your best. And please call me for the sampling by all means!」

Mariel-chan, did you have to approach me with that bloodcurdling expression!?

「Of, of course, I will send you an invitation at that time?」
「Thank you very muuuuch!」

Mariel-chan said with almost prostrating vigor. No, no, let’s calm down!?
Serving a fresh tea, I encouraged the conversation with Mariel-chan to advance.

「And so, I worked as OL in my past life, but on my way home from work, I went to a supermarket to purchase ingredients for Takoyaki and got run over by a truck and died instantly. I wonder if the trigger was Takoyaki because my last moments about them were so powerful」

I narrated in melancholy.

「Is that so? I was a nurse during my past life, but as you know, I was a fujoshi and also did cosplay. I don’t remember much from the time I died, but I remember having a hard time making a costume for an event that was just around the corner. Was it because I pulled a few all-nighters? I might have died from overwork」

A nurse, fujoshi and cosplayer… s, sounds rough. I somehow could understand a death from overwork.

「I see. We both had it hard, huh」
「Yeah… my only regret might be dying before completing the costume. I worked so hard to make it. But well, saying that now is useless. Just being able to be granted a second life is a stroke of luck. Moreover, I was also able to meet you, a reincarnated person like myself. Lucky, right!」
「Yes, I am also glad I met Mariel-san in this world. It’s reassuring」
「Yeah. I will be in your care from now on, alright?」

We exchanged a glance and laughed together.
I really am glad to have met Mariel-chan.


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