Shomin no Aji – Chapter 304



「I’m used to cooking, so I could make a few things when I continued. Shall I teach you?」
「… No, it’s fine. The precious ingredients would go to waste, so I will restrain myself」

Eh~ even though there’s no need to hold back.

「People who can cook don’t understand the troubles of those who can’t…」

Mariel-chan said timidly. Such exaggeration.

「I can’t follow a recipe properly and when I try various ways to recover, I end up making something inedible for people」

Haa, Mariel-chan let out a huge sigh… inedible for people!?

「I, I see. In that case, eat to your heart’s content today, okay?」
「Thank you! Uwaa, I’m looking forward to it!」

I quickly want to eat! Mariel-chan was delighted.

「That reminds me, I had something I wanted to talk about with Mariel-san」

Recalling that I have completely forgotten about something, I cut to the chase.

「N? What is it? A new product?」

Mariel-chan leaned forwards with sparkling eyes full of expectations.

「I can’t produce new things that casually. You see, I would like you to keep this secret for now…」
「Yes, yes」
「Actually, there are Sacred Beasts in our house」
「Yes, yes… yes?」
「They are Fenrir and Holy bear, and both of them are my contracted beasts」
「Eh? Sacred Beast-samas are here? Moreover, multiple contracts!? With Cristea-san!?」
「Yes. I would like to keep it secret from the country for the moment, so I would be grateful if you could keep quiet about it though」
「Wha, eh? Seriously!?」

Mariel-chan looked restlessly around in shock. No, they are not here yet. I am also contracting a magic beast Kaguya, but Kaguya’s appearances usually don’t change from the black cat, so I didn’t tell you so you wouldn’t be scared.

「Could I call them to introduce you to them?」
「Eh!? You will introduce us!? By all means!! Uwaa, it will be my first time seeing a Sacred Beast~!! Hiya~!」
「It’s important so I will remind you once again, I would like to keep my contracts secret for the time being, so please keep it to yourself, okay?」
「Okay~ okay~! Leave it to me!」

W, will this be all right…

「T, then, I’m going to call them. Kurogane, Mashiro」

When I dispelled the barrier and called the two, they immediately warped in as if they were waiting for it.

「Lord, I got tired of waiting」

I had the two sit on the sofa to my sides and introduced them to Mariel-chan.

「Let me introduce you. They currently have these appearances, but this is Fenrir Kurogane and Holy Bear Mashiro. Kurogane, Mashiro, she’s my friend from Baron Mayor’s place, Mariel-san. Make sure not to be rude to her」
「Umu, I shall treat Lord’s friend politely」
「Mariel, nice to meet you?」
「Mashiro, you mustn’t call a lady without honorifics on your first meeting. I am sorry about this Mariel-sa… n?」

Mariel-chan vacantly stared at us with her eyes opened wide as if they were to fall off.


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