Shomin no Aji – Chapter 305

Taking precautions against Mariel-chan's wild delusions.


「Umm, Mariel-san?」

When I called out to the frozen Mariel-chan, she suddenly came back to her senses and greeted the two.

「Wha, how do you do! I am Baron Mayor’s daughter, Mariel! Pweash… please, take care of me!」

She bit herself. She corrected herself with a totally red face though.

「There’s no need to be this nervous, you know? Kurogane and Mashiro won’t bring harm to my friends, and they are now in their human forms so they aren’t scary, right?」
「I, I mean, it’s my first time seeing a Sacred Beast. Moreover, I wasn’t aware they were such off the scale hunks…!」

Mariel-chan was spellbound. Love at first sight? … Not, huh.

「Mariel-san? I won’t forgive you if you do that to my children, alright!?」
「I, I didn’t even say anything, so how did you know!?」

How would I not know? Seriously, I can’t let my guard down. Even my children have become the victim of Mariel-chan’s wild delusions.

「I will tell you this beforehand, but remarks of wild delusions about my children are prohibited, okay?」
「Even my wild delusions are being prohibited!?」

That’s opression~! she protested, but I won’t allow it. Well, I won’t be able to stop the wild delusions in her mind though.

「What’s the matter, Lord? Is something wrong?」
「No, everything’s fine. She has already… her imagination is abundant, so I was just cautioning her to keep it moderate」
「…? As long as nothing is wrong」

Ignorance is a bliss. It would be troubling if the two got to know, Mariel-chan. I’m telling you this for your own good, so please stop your wild delusions, okay?

「Still, with ikemen with faces off the charts gathered here like this, it looks like a world of Otome game or a light novel, doesn’t it? Is Cristea-san playing the role of the heroine?」

Indeed. Oniisama and Prince Ray are there too, moreover there’s also Sei, Byakko-sama and others whom Mariel-chan doesn’t know about yet. However, I wouldn’t be the heroine. According to our statuses, wouldn’t Mariel-chan be the heroine and I the villainess? Ah, the Repulsive food eating lady?

「Off the charts…? Ikemen?」
「Cristea, what is Otome geemu?」

Kurogane and Mashiro asked puzzledly about the unknown terms. Ahh, cute… or not, this is bad.

「Mariel-san, talking about topics the two don’t know…」
「Ah! I see, roger! I’m sorry!」

Panicking, Mariel-chan got more careful that she doesn’t say any more words from our past lives.
Mariel-chan doesn’t have anyone else to talk about the past life after all… sooner or later, I will have to let Mashiro and others know.

After thinking such, we spent the time until the dinner with harmless and inoffensive conversation.


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