Shomin no Aji – Chapter 306

Nostalgic taste.


Today’s dinner is with Mariel-chan, so we decided to dine elsewhere.
The pretense is that Mariel-chan would be too nervous to sit at the same table as Otousama and Okaasama. The real reason is that I wanted Mariel-chan experience and savor the nostalgic menu freely.

「Ohhh, this is…!!」

Mariel-chan stared at the dinner with sparkling eyes. I understand your feelings.

「C, Cr, Cristea-sama!! What is this!? Isn’t this flawless!」

Fu, fu, fu, right?
The line up on the table is full of ingredients Tonjiru (Orc miso soup), tamagoyaki, Umeboshi and tsukemono. If this is not enough, I have a stock of Orcatsu in my inventory, so leave it to me.

「Not only the food, even the tableware!!」

That’s right. On top of being treated as works of art, the chopsticks and rice bowls are usually used as tableware here. Lacquerware exists over here too, so when I asked whether the people of Doristan use it, I was told it’s treated as display pieces.

「Now then, let’s eat before it gets cold. I have seconds if you wish」
「Yes! Itadakimasu!」

Mariel-chan unconsciously joined her hands and took the chopsticks.

「Yes, Itadakimasu」

Following Mariel-chan, I grabbed my chopsticks and started eating… yeah, orc miso soup is good no matter when I eat it. It’s full of ingredients, so there’s plenty of vegetable and meat goodness.
Tamagoyaki also came out well as it’s nicely fluffy. I was troubled whether to make it sweet or not sweet, but I decided for sweet this time.
The palate-cleansing Umeboshi and tsukemono add another flavor to the dinner… still, Mariel-chan is awfully quiet, isn’t she?
When I glanced at Mariel-chan… she was crying.

「Ma, Mariel-san!?」
「… I, it’s delizoous… sniff. Dodonjiru, is dewishh…!!」

She gulped down the orc miso soup while crying. She seemed to have difficulty breathing occasionally as she ate while crying. L, let’s choose between eating and crying first, okay?

「To appreciate Lord’s cooking to this extent, you have quite the discerning eye」

Kurogane nodded.

「You, a good fellow」

Mashiro’s evaluation criteria…!?

「Mariel-san, calm down and eat slowly, okay? I properly have seconds and I can take out other things if it’s not enough」
「Noo, noo…! It’s enough… I am glad to have met Cristea-san… I am glad I have summoned the courage to call out to you dat dayyy…!」

Ahh, just when I thought she finally calmed down, the tears…!

「I am also glad Mariel-san called out to me. Would you like seconds?」

She presented the empty bowl.

… You did well eating while crying like that… I served her seconds while admiring.


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