Shomin no Aji – Chapter 307

Thank you for the meal.


「Thank you for the meal. Haaa, my stomach is full…」

I served the satisfied Mariel-chan an after the dinner tea.

「You are welcome. You really ate well. I really didn’t think you would help yourself to three more bowls…」

Mariel-chan unexpectedly asked for three more helpings of the Orc miso soup. Where did the nine years old girl hid all of that is a mystery.

「I was so happy I unconsciously overate… ugh, I don’t want to take a single step after this」

Not wanting to put any pressure on her stomach, Mariel-chan leaned on the chair in a complete exhaustion… you shouldn’t eat that much then.

「Looking at you, it seems that a dessert would be too much for you, huh」
「De, dessert!? I want to eat it… but that wouldn’t be possible. Even though I wouldn’t eat three more bowls if you told me that earlier, Cristea-san!」
「… What is the person who asked for seconds with a ghastly expression saying?」

I couldn’t help but wryly smile at Mariel-chan’s pitiful state.

「Let’s leave the dessert for tomorrow. If you’d like, you can take it home with you as well」

Storing it in the Inventory for now won’t hurt.

「Yeahhh… even though I want to eat it right away. I’m a fool…」
「Even though I could give you many souvenirs if you were a possessor of Inventory. Here, how about a thin slice of Youkan for now?」

I decided to take out Youkan as tea-cake.

「Something dreamlike like an Inventory… t, thank you very much… wha, eeeh!? Where did you take this out from!?」

Mariel-chan looked in shock at the Youkan I took out from the Inventory.
Ah, right. She didn’t know that I was the possessor of Inventory.

「From that very Inventory, you know?」
「Ehhhhh!? What the hell!? Cristea-san, aren’t you a cheater in various ways!?」

Not fair~! she said.

「Mariel-san could attempt it too though」
「Don’t say the impossible. It’s only given I would be trying unreasonably without the aptitude」
「I also thought so at the beginning…」

I then told her how I obtained the Inventory while talking with Teacher Marlen.

「… Cristea-san, I really do think that you are too nonsensical」
「Eh? Why did you come to such conclusion!?」

Don’t say that with a straight face.

「I understand that the power of imagination is necessary to activate magic. But, to imagine Inventory as a certain cat-type robot…」

No way~ seriously, no way~ Mariel-chan shook her head. That’s ridiculous.

「T, then, if it were Mariel-san, how would you imagine Inventory?」
「Eh? Me? If it was me then…」

A silence flowed for a little while.

「Ku, I can’t imagine anything else but the certain pocket」
「As I thought!」

I replied with a triumphant look to the vexed Mariel-chan.

「But, that is easy to imagine, right?」
「… Certainly. But, I wanted to imagine something a little bit cooler… even though Inventory is even more amazing power than that」

No, no, I think it’s plentily amazing?

「Now, now. Right, since this is a great opportunity, why don’t we try to obtain Inventory for you?」

I think Mariel-chan can acquire Inventory as well.


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