Shomin no Aji – Chapter 308

Let's acquire it!


「Ehh? Inventory? Surely not, that’s not possible, not possible! I can never be able to do it」

Mariel-chan waved her hands in front of her face while claiming that it wasn’t possible.

「Now, don’t be saying that. Let’s do it without thinking too much so you will be like: “Lucky~!” when you manage to do it, alright?」

I tried to encourage Mariel-chan.

「Well, even though I intended to give you many Japanese dishes and desserts as a souvenir if you managed to do it and since there’s no passage of time within Inventory you could have enjoyed it for a long time」

When I took a glance, Mariel-chan was looking at me as if about to drool at any moment and eyes full of expectations.

「I, I see… if I had the Inventory in which the time doesn’t flow, I could stock up on meals and snacks…」
「That’s right? And now’s the time to acquire it! On top of Youkan, Dorayaki and Oshiruko, there’s also currently a limited time offer for meals such as Onigiri, Orcatsu, and even Omurice!」
「I’m on board!」

Mariel-chan got on board immediately after a short television shopping-like commercial. She was so fast I got worried about her impulses of picking up a phone on the 30 seconds offers on the late-night programs.

「However, there are many red bean desserts, aren’t there!?」
「… I made too much after getting my hands on Adzuki」

Since I have experienced a lot, I can confidently say that my stock of red bean desserts is filled to the brim.

「Errm, what should I start with then?」

Mariel-chan who quickly changed her mind was motivated to learn Inventory.

「How, you ask me… by imagining the certain pocket」
「Ah, right. I was focused on taking out the things, but I have to store them first!」

Hahaha, she thought the same thing as me. You get focused on taking the things out, but you can’t take anything out before putting something in…

「N~ putting things… in a large space…」

The cup Mariel-chan was holding suddenly disappeared.

「Oh my」

Didn’t she learn it too quickly!? That might have been faster than me. Well, in my case, Teacher Marlen’s took just way too long.

「… Ehhhhh!? It vanished!?」

In spite of storing it in her Inventory, Mariel-chan looked around for the cup.

「Eh, wha, wh, what do I do…! That cup, it was expensive, wasn’t it!?」

You are worried about that!? … I then recalled how worried I was when I erased Okaasama’s favorite bench.

「It’s fine, calm down. Try imagining the target of extraction next, okay?」
「The target of… ah!」

The cup that vanished reappeared in her hands… however, because there was still some tea left inside and Mariel-chan caught it poorly, it spilled on her skirt.

「Mariel-san, are you all right!? Have you been scalded?」
「Y, yes. I am all right, but…」

It was fortunate that the tea she stored has already cooled down a little before, but her skirt has been soaked with tea.

「Oh my… stay still for a moment, okay?」

Imagining stain removal, I cast Clear magic on her. I dealt with it immediately, so no stains remained. Alright, alright.

「Eh!? What have you done just now!?」
「What, you ask… I used Clear magic?」
「Clear magic, you mean that life magic? I believe it doesn’t normally remove the stains too!?」
「Eh? That so? I think it turns out quite well when I imagine removing the stains?」

Mariel-chan is surprised, but not much time has passed since then and I casted Clear magic while imagining stain removal products from my past life, so it cleans quite well.
I clean Shin in this way after he’s done with dismantling too.
When I told Mariel-chan that, she muttered to herself.

「Cristea-san, a true cheater…」

No, no, no. This is normal, right? You have done stain removal before, right? That’s why while imagining that, Clear magic will clean thoroughly, you know? Eh? You didn’t?

「Casting Clear magic while imagining stain removal, I haven’t done that before…」

Mariel-chan said in astonishment.
Ehhh? Is that so!?


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