Shomin no Aji – Chapter 309

As I thought, it was like that...


Haa… Mariel-chan let out a long sigh and looked at me with a serious expression.

「Cristea-san, are you not aware that you are a walking cheat!? If you are not careful, you will feel out of place in the academy, you know?」

J, just as I thought? I had a feeling like that… b, but it can’t be helped right, I have been living the life of a shut-in in the countryside up until now after all. It seems that Teacher Marlen taught me Clear magic just to amuse himself too anyway. Thought he must have felt like he overdid it as he recently canceled the special lessons…

「I, it’s not like I don’t have any self-awareness, but I am not clear what’s normal and what is not… I was a loner after all」
「I see… rather, I am sorry!」

She understood. I, I am not crying, okay! Though Sei is my friend, he has no knowledge of common sense of this country and in the first place, Sei himself is a cheat, so I can’t use him as a reference.

「I, it will be fine! I will somehow manage until the spring」
「… Will you really be all right?」
「I have no confidence, but I will do my best」
「In Cristea-san’s case, I think it would be much better if you didn’t do your best」

I had no room to argue her reproachful stare.

「Mariel-san! I will be relying on you after enrolling!」

I firmly grasped Mariel-chan’s hands and edged up to her.

「Eh? Me!? Eh, u, umm, I will do my… best?」

Okay, I got your promise, alright!
Mariel-chan’s face cramped after seeing my complacent smile.

「Now then, we should take a bath soon and go to the bed」

The fun times went by in a blink of an eye. Mariel-chan got on board with a bath before retiring.

「Eh! A bath!? You have one!?」

Ah, I see. Because baths in this world are still in the luxury class, people clean their bodies mostly by wiping or going to something akin to a sauna that’s accessible to the general public. There’s still the trick of cleaning yourself with Clear magic, but using hot water is comfortable which is, unfortunately, restricted only to the nobility.
Mariel-chan’s house is a Baron one, but was it that of an extravagance?

「We have? You will take a bath, right?」
「I will! I want to!」
「Let’s go then」

Originally, I would request the maids to wash my hair and body, but Mariel-chan was too embarrassed, so we decided to go together. The hot water can be produced either with a magic stone or with my water and fire magic, so it’s efficient going together.

「Ugh, just recalling the public baths…」

Although it was a little bit embarrassing taking a bath together as both of us are reincarnated, we have soaked in the water and happily chatted after washing our hair. Miria got tired of us, but it was fun.

… Realizing that Mariel-chan’s growth was better than mine wasn’t fun. Gununu.


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