Shomin no Aji – Chapter 310

As expected, a bath should be finished with this!


「Haaa… that was a good bath…」

After stepping out of the bath while letting out Hohee…, Mariel-chan’s flushed cheeks doubled her cuteness.

「Fufufu, a bath should be finished with this!」
「T, that is!」

What I have taken out from the Inventory was strawberry milk. It’s just a fake one made from milk mixed with strawberry jam though. To tell the truth, what I want to drink now is a coffee milk, but I have not found coffee beans yet, so I made strawberry milk.


Mariel-chan stood up, placed her hand on her waist, bent backwards and chugged the milk… it’s fine since there’s no one else but me, however that pose is absolutely “out” for a daughter of a noble, okay? I understand your feelings though.

「… Puhaa! Yummy~! One more!」
「I don’t think so… there’s no seconds. You will get a stomach ache」
「Ehh~? I have read somewhere that one liter of milk every day should be fine in my past life though…」

Mariel-chan was disappointed, but this world doesn’t have anything like pasteurization. I had Kurogane to obtain freshly squeezed milk for me back in the fief, but I immediately stored it in my Inventory.

「I see… would you treat me another time then?」

There’s another time? Will she be able to stay over again? No, the next time we meet would be surely in the academy? Anyhow, I am happy as long as there’s「Next time」.
We headed to the bedroom before our bodies got cold. Although a guest room was prepared, the two of us still wanted to talk some more, pyjamas party! We seen eye to eye and decided to sleep in my bedroom. Putting on the thick gown, I told Mariel-chan what I have forgotten about while heading to my bedroom.

「That reminds me, I sleep together with Kurogane and Mashiro, but… is that fine?」
「Whaa!? T, t, together with Sacred Beast-samas!? Those two handsomes!?」

Mariel-chan trembled. Ah, she’s imagining something indecent. Her face is red.

「Look here, Mariel-san? They were in their human forms a while ago, but their original appearances are those of beasts, okay? If they wanted to sleep together with me in their human forms, do you think I would allow that?」
「Eh, ah… what, I see… ehh!? Pepeperhaps, the mofumofu forms of Holy Bear and Fenrir!?」

Mariel-chan edged up to me. Too close, too close!

「Y, yeah…」
「Is it all right for me to sleep there?」
「My bed is wide enough for two people to sleep in, so it will be fine」
「I didn’t mean that. I am happy to sleep together with mofumofu, but I am asking whether it’s all right for me to be there as well!」
「I don’t think that should be a problem…」

Ah, but we can’t talk about the past life. What to do? At any rate, I will be getting along with Mariel-chan after this and things from our past lives might just slip out, so wouldn’t it be better to speak our minds?


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