Shomin no Aji – Chapter 311

Welcome to the Mofu Paradise.


When we entered my room, Mariel-chan’s excitement reached extremes.

「Wha… what a wonderful mofumofu! A virile Fenrir Kurogane-sama, a cute and fluffy Mashiro-sama! Your furs are so silky and beautiful…! 」
「Fufufu… right!? It’s the result of brushing them everyday」

You can praise them even more, you know?

「Still, I thought they would be larger than this?」
「Ah, I had them become smaller so they wouldn’t cause trouble in the room」
「They can control their sizes freely!? I see…」

Mariel-chan was apparently expecting to be severely buried in mofumofu. I don’t worry about the bed being crowded, but she seems to have found that disappointing.

「U, umm… can you two show only ears and tails in your human forms!?」
「… Mariel-san, calm down?」

Mariel-chan is into animal parts, huh… she inquired from the two while panting.

「Why would we do something so troublesome after turning into humans? Ahh, is that it? Are you talking about beastmen?」

Though you don’t see them much in the Doristan Kingdom, this world apparently have beastmen. Well, elves and dwarves are here too, so it’s not that strange.

「There’s no meaning in imitating beastmen. That’s idiotic」

Kurogane said in disgust. I also would like to see the beastmen, but I didn’t think of asking Kurogane… Mariel-chan’s thoughts run deep.

「Is that so… how regrettable」
「… Lord’s friend, don’t think about strange things」

Kurogane looked at the dejected Mariel-chan with a suspicious gaze.

「Now, now. She just can’t think straight after seeing your Sacred Beast forms for the first time. Right?」
「Y, yeah…」
「Cristea, it would be better to choose your friends?」
「Hau… how straight! But, that’s what’s good!」

She got excited from Mashiro’s severe advice…

「… I wonder if I should really reconsider?」
「Ah! That can’t be!? I was just joking, geez!」

Mariel-chan who heard my mutter looked at me in panic.

「Fufu, I was also joking」
「Ehh… that startled me」
「You see, Mashiro, Kurogane. I’m thinking of telling you the details why Mariel-chan and I became friends」
「C, Cristea-san!?」

Eh? Are you telling them about that already? She looked at me with such eyes.
I’m sorry, I want to keep being friends with Mariel-chan like this, but I don’t want to keep it secret from them. They would surely feel like we left them out. I don’t expressly want to make these jealous kids feel like that.


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