Shomin no Aji – Chapter 312



「Fumu, you want to tell us that expressly, then you mean there’s a reason for that?」
「What is it? Cristea」
「Errm, you see… the reason I had a chance to become friends with Mariel-san is that we have something in common…」

When I took a glance at Mariel-chan, she was quite tense just as I thought. Yeah. A friend like myself aside, she probably didn’t think of frankly telling her circumstances to other people. I am similarly nervous. But, I feel like I would have to tell them sooner or later. And that time is right now though!

「You see… I am a reincarnated person」
「U, umm! Me too!」

Once I resolved myself and said it, Mariel-chan followed up after me.
What a stupid thing are you saying… Will I be told something like that? I wouldn’t like to hear that though.

「… Something wrong with that?」
「… Eh?」
「I knew that Lord was a reincarnated person」
「Wha? Eh? How?」
「… I believe I told you that I do have an Appraisal skill?」
「Ehh!? You can tell that much with the Appraisal skill!?」

Doesn’t that mean that people with Appraisal skill would know that I am a reincarnated person?

「No? Only those on the same level as me would know, but most wouldn’t be able to tell」
「I have heard, about it from Kurogane, you know?」
「… Wh, what…」

Mariel-chan supported me who lost the strength in my legs and weakly sank down after the tension loosened in panic.

「There are only a few who reincarnate with their soul retaining the memories of their past lives, but it’s not like they don’t exist」
「Is that so…」
「However, you did well finding out that you are both reincarnated」
「Ah… about that, it’s because we have both reincarnated from a different world」
「Different world?」

It was the turn for the two to be surprised this time.

「So, the world we have reincarnated from is called Earth and in that world, we have both lived in a country called Japan」
「What… Earth? Japan? Never heard of it. Different world, huh… I didn’t know about that. That’s surprising」
「… I don’t understand」

I thought so. Different world doesn’t strike home, after all.

「Anyhow. I understood the speech and conduct from the memories of my past life and thought ‘perhaps’… and it turned out I was right when I checked」
「I was shocked that time. I didn’t think I would find a friend from the same place as me here after all」

Right! We exchanged glances and nodded.

「I see. I found it strange that you would suddenly become so close without paying attention to the social status, so that was the reason」
「… I don’t understand」

I’m sorry, Mashiro. I will explain it to you once again in the future.

「Considering the knowledge and skills unsuitable for Lord’s age, I can understand now」
「Ah, the cooking is the same, right… don’t you think it’s unfair?」

Cheats are generally known as「Unfairness」.
Having the knowledge of you past life and putting it to practice, that really is unfair! I was scared that the people of this world might think that, so I didn’t tell anyone.

「No? That’s an important part of Lord we know. The inborn talent and ability of every individual is different. However, putting those to good use depends on the person himself, so finding them “unfair” has nothing to do with it」
「Cristea is Cristea and that’s why it’s fine, you know? You are my prided Lord, you know?」
「… Thank you, Kurogane, Mashiro. You two are also my prided Sacred Beasts」

Uu… I’m so relieved. Aren’t you saying something cry-worthy?

「Uuu… Imma glawd… I am shoo dappyyy…!」
「… Mariel-san?」

When I turned around because I heard the sound of sniffing, Mariel-chan was weeping while overcome with emotions, so I withdrew my tears. Ahh, the musus is dripping from your nose…
After calming down such Mariel-chan, we finally got buried in the mofumofu and went to sleep while talking about the different world.


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