Shomin no Aji – Chapter 313

Plain pettiness, huh?


Because I have ended up talking late into the night with Mariel-chan, I have overslept a little. Although I say that, it’s still too early for the noble young ladies to get out of the bed.

「Sleepy… maybe I should have slept a little longer… n?」
「Ugh… zhuffering…」

When I looked towards the voice, I saw Mariel-chan who was sleeping next to me having a nightmare. On top of her was…

「… Kaguya, what are you doing?」

Kaguya was enshrined on top of Mariel-chan’s chest.

『This girl was kicking me hard inside the blanket』

She stared at Mariel-chan in annoyance.

「Kaguya, even though that was the case, you can’t retaliate, alright?」

The moment she causes harm, the collar magic tool around her neck will snatch her magical power, so I would like her not to be careless.

『I know that. That’s why I haven’t attacked, you know? I just got on top of her』

Hmph! Kaguya snorted.
I see, she wanted to take revenge but couldn’t attack, so she simply did tit for tat.

「Kaguya… Mariel-san is having a nightmare, so please forgive her soon, okay?」
『I might think about it if you give me a plenty of Katsuobushi later』
「Yes, yes, I understand so please move away」
『Hmph, can’t be helped』

Kaguya who jumped down from Mariel-chan approached me without a delay, but was pinned down by Mashiro who just woke up.

『Cristea, morning…』
「Good morning, Mashiro」
『Oy! What are you doing? Let me go!』

Although a cub size, he’s far bigger compared to Kaguya, so she could only keep on struggling.

『Shrewdly eating Mariel’s magical power and planning to take Cristea’s too, how shameless you are』
「Eh? Mariel-chan’s magical power?」
『It was the girl’s nuisance fee!』

Kaguya replied defiantly although in a shock. Good grief…

「There will be no breakfast for you if you keep fighting」
『Good morning, Lord. I haven’t done anything, so I won’t be without a breakfast, right?』

Kuwaa… Kurogane who was at my feet stretched with a yawn.

「Good morning, Kurogane. If possible, I would like if you stopped them instead of just watching」
『I will keep that in mind』

Good grief. I have to wake up Mariel-chan who became calm and ask if she wants to do that morning yoga.

「Mariel-san, good morning. Let’s get up and do the morning yoga?」
「H, hnn… ha! G, good morning! I feel like I had a sleep paralysis…」

When I glanced at Kaguya, she showed a proudness. Geez.

「That must have been terrible. How about it? Shall we do the morning yoga to help with the circulation of magical power?」
「Eh… it’s still too early to wake up, right? Eh? Do you perhaps wake up this early every day, Cristea-san?」

No, no, it’s later than usual, you know? She might feel unnecessarily bad, so I ambiguously laughed and endeavor to do the morning yoga with me.


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