Shomin no Aji – Chapter 316

I'm home!


When I entered the warping room, there was a largish warp circle suitable for the Capital.
It’s apparently so large to decrease the number of uses needed for the transfer of people and baggage.
On the other hand, the assistance of many people with high magical power and many magic stones is needed for a single one-way trip.

「This time, you and I should manage」

Saying that Otousama took my hand and advanced towards the magic circle. Returning with us is Mashiro, Kurogane, Miria and Kaguya. All baggage is stored in my Inventory, so we are as good as empty-handed.

「You are going to pour magical power together with me on my signal, alright?」
「Yes, I understand」

Looking at Otousama, I answered firmly.

「Umu. Has everyone stepped into the circle? … Well then, let’s go」

Otousama nodded and I simultaneously poured my magical power. Then, the magic circle suddenly lighted up, and I shut my eyes from the brightness.

「… Cristea, we have arrived」

When I opened my eyes when Otousama addressed me, the warping room we were in was clearly different from the other one.

「… We are in our fief then?」
「Yeah. Take out the baggage first and let’s have tea. Tirie will come soon」

Saying such, Otousama left the warping room.

「… We really arrived at the fief’s mansion, huh. This is my first time warping, but we really moved such distance in no time…」

Miria was amazed from her first experience. I see, this is the first time Miria experienced warp magic. Experiencing such large distance travel for the first time would surely make you amazed like that. It was too fast even for me who should have been used to warping. If we can travel long distances this fast, why is there a need for carriages… when I complained, I recalled the duty of the nobility and sighed.

「Cristea, let’s go to the room?」
「Yeah. We can rest for a little」

Mashiro and Kurogane worriedly called out to me who was looking into the distance because I realized I wouldn’t be able to avoid the carriage travel during the enrollment.

「Yes, thank you. But, I haven’t used much magical power… did you perhaps help me?」

Currently, I don’t feel weakened by overuse of magical power. Rather, I only used an amount that made me question「Eh? Was that all?」. Therefore, I thought whether Kurogane and Mashiro assisted me out.

「Yeah. Lord’s magical power is too precious for something like the warping circle, right? In that case, shouldn’t we take over and receive Lord’s magical power instead so it wouldn’t go to waste」

… In other words, your delicious magical power is too wasteful for activating the warping circle, therefore, we have poured ours in your stead, so give yours to us please, is how it went, huh?

「At any rate, you helped me out. I’m scheduled to meet Tirie-san after this, so it might have been difficult to see him while dried out of magical power. I will brush you later as a thanks」
「Looking forward to it」

Thus, I and the two who were in a good mood, Miria who pulled herself together, and Kaguya who slipped out from the basket left the warping room and returned to my room.


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