Shomin no Aji – Chapter 317

Our home is the number one!


「Hmm, this is nice. Our home is the number one, after all!」

Returning to my room, I took out the baggage from my Inventory and asked Miria to take care of it. Largely stretching myself, I felt relief from coming back.
The Capital’s mansion is also our home, but I feel much calmer in this mansion I lived for so long in.

『I don’t mind the place as long as I am together with Lord』
『Me too. Anywhere is fine as long as Cristea is there, you know?』

Oh dear. Aren’t these two saying something nice.

『I also don’t mind tagging along if you let me eat delicious things』

Kaguya said with her head out of the window. She, who was originally a monster similar to a black panther has completely gotten used to the life of a domesticated cat.
According to Miria, she has let everyone know that Kaguya is my pet cat, so she could spend her time freely even in the Capital’s mansion and the servants were apparently spoiling her with delicious snacks.
… I thought I didn’t see her that much around, so she was doing something like that, huh.

「Hey, Kaguya? Haven’t you get recently quite round? Umm, your figure is…」

It’s good that Kaguya’s personality has mellowed and she has gotten used to living with humans to the extent she nearly lost her wild instincts, but… don’t you think her figure has fattened up a bit?

『Wwha!? What are you saying! I didn’t get ffffat, alright!? This is, is, right! A winter fur, alright!』

The body of Kaguya who shivered in a shock has obviously become plump.
Since the servants of our house are sons and daughters of good families, I’m guessing that she’s receiving a little of their magical power with the snacks they feed her with as well. Her fur too, got glossy from the daily brushing she gets from Miria and me.
Well, Kaguya was a starving, skin and bones cat when we first took her in, but she’s behaving nicely when you consider that she hasn’t hurt anybody so far. However, I’m worried about her figure when she turns into her human form.

『No, you have certainly grown fat』
『Kaguya, a piggy』

Ah… a merciless assault.

『Shut up, shut up-! You guys are also eating only delicious things, so you are in no position to say that to me, alright!?』
『I am in my growth period, no problems here』
『I have a duty to protect Lord, I am always tempering myself. I also periodically hunt』
『Me too~』

Indeed. In order for Kurogane and Mashiro to protect me in their human forms, they occasionally participate in the practice of the guards. I heard that in Kurogane’s case, the guards accompany him for training instead.
Although Mashiro’s sword techniques still have a way to go, he’s apparently hurling people away with a strength that shames adults.
Therefore, since the two are more than perfectly suitable to be my guards, I have received permission to go out as long as they are with me.
Though I feel grateful to Byakko-sama for bringing the two to me, he would look at me with a smug face and demanded food if I told him that, so I decided to keep silent.
Returning to the main topic, on the contrary of these two, Kaguya has been lazing around all day every day.
She must be spending the most peaceful and happiest time she has experienced until now after all. However, it’s not like I can leave it like that.

「Kaguya, let’s do our best at losing weight starting tomorrow, okay?」
『… Wha? Eh?… You don’t mean-』
「For a while, you are prohibited from eating snacks! … I won’t go that far, but let’s keep it moderate, okay? Also, you are forbidden from pestering the servants. I will notify them of it」
『Wha! You can’t do that!?』

Leaving the Ginya-! protesting Kaguya alone, I was thinking about what kind of healthy snacks I could make.

I, it’s not like I have overate in the Capital and got gained weight myself or anything! I’m also in my growth period, you know!?


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