Shomin no Aji – Chapter 319

Tirie-san's recommendation.


For Tirie-san to personally recommend someone, just who is that person? A chef, perhaps?

「Is it someone trained in cooking?」
「Oh my, no. He’s not a cook, but he’s a child with slightly special circumstances」

Tirie-san laughed troubledly.
Special circumstances are not something to stay calm about, right?

「Oy, Tirie. I will say this just in case, but our Ducal house won’t employ anyone without a letter of recommendation and clear background」

Fundamentally, the servants working at the noble houses have their backgrounds firmly checked and they won’t be employed unless they have a letter of recommendation. Moreover, it’s common to have them promise confidentiality with a magic contract. There are many nobles who like to probe each other after all. It’s not like you can allow other nobles to grasp your weaknesses, so they are precautionary measures.
Well, Shin is a special case thanks to my tears and zealous persuasion.

「I know. I will take the responsibility for the letter of introduction and as his guarantor」

That means, that person is Tirie-san’s relative? Perhaps, an Elf-san?

「The one I want to recommend is a Beastman child」
「Eh!? Beastman!?」

I knew there are Beastmen in this world. However, I heard that not many of them live in the Doristan Kingdom and I haven’t seen them in the town before, but to think a Beastman would turn up here.

「Yes. He was originally a member of an adventurer party, but he got injured during a merchant escort mission. He somehow managed to struggle on with a low-grade potion he had on him, but it would be difficult for his injuries to heal to a degree he would be able to move as before. Since he was a scout but couldn’t move, he was regarded as a good-for-nothing by his party, got sacked and left to wither at the guild」
「That’s cruel!」

What the hell, they were supposed to be his companions and yet they told him he was a good-for-nothing!

「Right? Fortunately, he received a fair settlement rather than getting paid for the completion of the request, so he has been staying in the guild’s inn for cheap and doing some odd jobs for the guild in the meanwhile, but…」
「In that case, why don’t you just hire him in the guild?」

Otousama, too cold! It may be a sound argument though!

「You are saying that, but you rarely see Beastmen over here, right? Adventurers who move from place to place are used to them, but the folks in the town are afraid of them…」

Hou, Tirie-san sighed.
Indeed, I’ve heard complaints about Beastmen in the neighborhood.

「Do they have such frightening appearances?」

Certainly, if they looked as terrifying bears then I would be too scared to approach them.

「That’s not the case at all. Silver Wolf clan is what we call half bloods. They have human appearances with wolf ears and a tail at most, and yet everyone is afraid of that」
「Eh! … Ah, i, is that so?」

Say that again-!? Kemomimi is here-!?
Moreover, Silver Wolf clan, a wolf? Hiya~! Seriously~!
Suppressing the inner excitement, I urged the continuation of the story.

「The person himself is concerned about that, so I was thinking about what to do about it, but when he sampled a bacon dish at the bar, he was extremely moved by its taste. “I want to become a bacon maker!” Is what he has been saying since then」
「That’s why I was thinking whether you could employ him as he would be off of the public and he would solve the worker shortage」

Tirie-san. Ehe? winking at Otousama won’t work.

「Nonsense. If he likes bacon dishes then you should have employed him at the guild’s bar」

Otousama replied while glaring at Tirie-san. Hmm, he’s unapproachable.

「You say that, but the biggest problem wouldn’t be settled! Please! He’s of a diligent character, a good child that takes work seriously. He will surely be useful!」

Please! Tirie-san pleaded frantically.
He took care of Shin too and although he’s a sissy with an itch for men, this is what I find admirable about him.
Shall I lend a hand here?

「Otousama, how about deciding after meeting him first?」
「Mu, however…」
「I have heard that the physical strength and stamina of Beastmen are generally above the rest. Moreover, if he really is diligent, then isn’t he the perfect choice for the increase of the smoked food production? It wouldn’t be too late to decide after seeing his temperament」

Well, me wanting to see him is the biggest reason though… I mean, it’s kemomimi, you know? It’s a Wolf-san, you know? Our House already has Kurogane, but he said something like「Impefect appearances have no meaning」and won’t show me his kemomimi appearances. Unfortunately.
Fufu. If I told Mariel-chan, she would surely turn up after saying「Wha, seriously!? I will be right there!」with heavy breathing.

「… Well, fine. If it’s just a meeting then I will see him. I won’t guarantee his employment though」
「That’s enough! Thank you!」

Tirie-san gave a delighted thanks and returned after properly eating up the sweets I have prepared.


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