Shomin no Aji – Chapter 32

There are times when those who don't know the truth are happier.


In the end, the owner of the playboy-ish voice was Byakko-sama…

「Cristea-dono might have a good affinity with sacred beasts…」
「Gau. (She might. I really didn’t think there would be someone in the foreign lands who could hear my voice…)」

Byakko-sama said such while eating my portion of French toast.
Eh, is that fine to eat something like that… rather, you can eat…?
Apparently, food doesn’t turn directly into nutrients, but he instead intakes the magical power within the food or something. Food is apparently influenced with the magical power of the cook. In such meaning, the French toast I made is apparently tasty. Well, I’m glad to hear that.

「Is that so… anyhow, that was startling」

Mainly Byakko-sama’s gap!
Because he doesn’t have a fragment of sacredness!

「Cristea-sama… you can really understand what Sacred Beast-sama is saying…?」

Miria is also shocked. Well of course~ I myself was.

「Yeah, it seems like that… but, keep this secret from Otousama and rest, okay?」

I would feel bad if this caused even more annoyance… I also want to keep the sense of crisis of not being able to leave my room if anything else happened away.

「Eh, but…」

Un? Reporting is important? But you see, freedom is even more important than that…

「If you agree to keep it secret, I will negotiate with Byakko-sama so you can touch him?」

Immediate reply, huh. Miria also loves mofumofu, huh… maybe we could organize a mofumofu club?

「Gau… (Eh, even without negotiations, I will receive those boobies at any time…)」
「Hey, Miria. It seems like Byakko-sama has something to say to you?」
「Gau!? (Wha! Hey! Are you going to expose it?!)」
「Well, I wonder?」

Miria stared at Byakko-sama full of expectations.

「Gau!? (Oyy!?)」
「He says that it’s his honor to be embraced by such pretty miss as yourself, Miria」
「My… oh dear! Ufufu… it’s my honor」

Miria answered delightfully. Sorry… I believe she would be happier not knowing the truth…

「Gauu… (You made me all sweaty…)」
「Byakko-sama, if you have something to tell to Miria, then I will anytime, precisely, word per word convey it to her, okay?」

When I said such to the exhausted Byakko-sama while handing him to Miria, Byakko-sama shook his head horizontally. I thought so.

「Fu… hahaha! It looks like Cristea-dono also excels at handling the sacred beasts, doesn’t it?」

O-Sei-chan said in high spirits.

「You think so?」
「You might have a talent in being a contractor」

N~ I wonder about that~? With the exception of Byakko-sama, I haven’t encountered any other Sacred Beasts, so I can’t say anything…

Ah, hey! Byakko-sama! Stop nonchalantly caressing and rubbing against Miria’s chest like a kitten please!
I won’t permit any more than that~!


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