Shomin no Aji – Chapter 320

Seeing it for the first time since I was born in this world!


When I unnecessarily tried to see Tirie-san off, he left in a hurry. He was tightly holding on the sweets I gave him as a souvenir.

「Seriously, what a noisy fellow. Cristea, I permitted the meeting because of your request, but employing him is another question, understood?」

Otousama said that while rubbing his glabella and sighing. Well, he finally yielded after I pestered him for a long time about Shin. Even though Tirie-san will be taking the responsibility for the person, Otousama’s position doesn’t allow him to employ him so simply.
Serving at our Ducal House is in a way, a status-like privilege. If I had to put it in the terms of the arranged marriage, then it would be like gaining a prestige for your family? The inspections are accordingly strict, and those who clear the conditions are the target of envy for others.

「I understand. However, it’s true that there are not enough workers for the smoked foods. If he’s a good and capable person, we would be also helping a person in need, so wouldn’t it be a good thing in the end?」
「You are saying that, but that person is someone recommended by that fellow, you know?」

He will definitely bring some good-for-nothing, Otousama’s frown deepened even more.
Do you think so? No matter how caring Tirie-san is, I don’t think he would ever bring someone troublesome to our house.
The Beastman has already been driven out of his party because of an injury and he’s at a disadvantageous position to make a living in this land, wouldn’t it be fine to hire him?

「Lord, did you say Silver Wolf clan? The people of the Silver Wolf clan are extremely sincere to those they chose as their master, and are very diligent. He must have strayed from his beliefs while working as adventurer. He might be looking for a master to serve. If that person doesn’t seem troublesome, you should employ him」

Oh my, it’s unusual for Kurogane to speak up for others.

「You know about the Silver Wolf clan, Kurogane?」
「Umu. They are people living in a village deep in the forest, they mainly live off of hunting. With a powerful chief with strong leadership guiding them, the unity of their clan is worthy of admiration」

Hee~ so their style is that of a pack of wolves.

「I also know of Silver Wolf clan. Anyhow, Tirie-san said he would bring him tomorrow, so there’s no need for you to consider this and that」

Saying such, Otousama left his seat and went to the office.

『Cristea, do you intend to employ that Beastman?』

Embracing Mashiro who tried to climb up on my lap, I thoroughly enjoyed the mofumofu.

「I wonder about that. I entrusted the management of the smoked food production to Otousama after all… I thought of meeting him first to see what kind of person he is and persuading Otousama to employ him if I find him useful to the smokehouse」
『I see. I’m good as long as he doesn’t stay at Cristea’s side. Cristea, don’t cheat on us, okay?』
「C, cheat…」

Seriously Mashiro, where did you learn such words from?

The next day, exactly as Otousama said, Tirie-san brought the Beastman-san himself together with the delivery of Orc meat.

「To think he would come this fast…」

Otousama said in dissatisfaction and urged us to the parlor to quickly finish the meeting.

「Sorry for coming this early, I thought of striking while the iron is hot」

Ufufu, Tirie-san apologized with no timidness. Behind him stood the rumored Beastman-san.
He was taller than Tirie-san, with a thoroughly tempered body resembling a beast. On his scary looking face, a scar which was most likely caused by a monster ran from his forehead to his left cheek. It appears that his eye was wounded as well.
I see, no matter how good the sense of smell the Silver Wolves have, being a scout with a restricted field of vision would be difficult.
His healthy eye is of a deep blue color. A silky silver hair appropriate for the name of his clan, and, and…!
Ears! Kemomimi! And a bushy tail! Both are the color of his hair, silver!
I, I want to touch it…!

「He’s the Beastman I have talked about yesterd… kya!」

The moment Tirie-san tried to introduce him, Beastman-san prostrated on the ground.
Eh!? Why is he doing dogeza all of sudden!?


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