Shomin no Aji – Chapter 321



Uwaa… even in my past life I saw it only drama or television… it’s my first time seeing it raw, dogeza.

「Wha, what are you doing, Ash! You have been acting weird since a while ago!? Hey, stand up!」

When Tirie-san tried to make the Beastman-san rise, he didn’t budge. He was frozen in place with his forehead rubbing against the floor.
Err, what do we do about this…?

「Member of the Silver Wolves, raise your head. Aren’t you troubling my Lord?」

When Kurogane who stood behind me called out to him, the Beastman-san’s body quivered and he timidly raised his head.
Nn? Kurogane’s acquaintance?

「Y… you are Fenrir-sama, aren’t you? No, those appearances, I have no doubt!」
「So what?」
「…! It’s an honor to meet you! We, the people of the Silver Wolf clan are your loyal servants!」

Waha-! He prostrated once again.

「Erm… Kurogane? Is he your acquaintance?」
「Don’t know him. The Silver Wolves regard me as sacred for some reason, it’s probably because of that」
「No! I don’t dare call myself an acquaintance! According to our ancestors, our clan has been oppressed by now ruined country a long time ago. There is a legend that it was Fenrir-sama who saved our people! In order to repay Fenrir-sama’s grace, the children of our clan are brought up with an allegiance to Fenrir-sama!」

The eyes of the Beastman-san who suddenly raised his head sparkled with passion. Kurogane has saved the Silver Wolf clan in the past? Now ruined, he said. It surely wasn’t because of Kurogane, right?
When I glanced at Kurogane, he averted his gaze. Suspicious…

「This guy annoying, isn’t he?」

Hey, hey, Mashiro you can’t say things like that, okay? … I thought so too a little though.

「Indeed. Member of the Silver Wolves, don’t trouble my Lord. Quickly stand up」
「Lord? … Fenrir-sama made a contract!? Just with whom!?」
「The person standing right before you」

Wha, Kurogane!? Stop pushing me forward!

「Ojousama is Fenrir-sama’s…!」

Beastman-san prostrated with his eyes wide open again. Hmm, looks like we won’t be able to make progress like this.

「Umm, please stand up first. We can’t talk like this」
「Ho, however…」
「It’s fine, so quickly stand up!」
「Ye, yess!」

When I shouted in a loud voice because I lost my temper, Beastman-san quickly stood up in attention. But still, his gaze was restless and he couldn’t calm down.

「N, geez… I’m sorry about that, Cristea-chan. He usually is an obedient and serious child, you know?」

Tirie-san was troubled. Yeah, I realized that his seriousness is too serious.

「Tirie, we won’t be able to employ him at this rate」

Seeing Beastman-san not being able to calm down in front of Kurogane, Otousama made a judgment. This is, to be honest, minus points from the very beginning.

「Otousama, if you consider the relationship of Kurogane and the Silver Wolf clan, then I think it wouldn’t be possible for him to not tremble」

I mean, the target of his worship appeared right before his eyes, you know? Far from trembling, you would want to start praying, right? Although I was startled by the dogeza, it might be better than prostrating in worship. Mariel-chan would say something like「Of course you would worship the precious if he appeared before you」. If that’s the case, it’s not like I can’t understand his feelings.

「However, he won’t be able to work if he prostrates himself too often, right?」

That is for certain. He can’t prostrate himself each time during the work and above all, his work would be making tasty things, so his hygiene must be perfect.
However, he wouldn’t disclose the method considering his loyalty, so I would employ him if it were me…


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