Shomin no Aji – Chapter 322

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「My, don’t say that. This child… he’s called Ash and he was looking forward to getting a chance at working here, you know? And yet, he got restless the moment we entered the premises… so it was because Kurogane-sama is here」

Tirie-san nodded in understanding.

「I, I’m sorry…」

The big-bodied Silver Wolf Ash-san apologized.
Do Beastmen instinctively react to Kurogane’s magical power or something?

「I think it couldn’t be helped this time. Otousama too, stop bullying and please give him a chance」
「I’m not bullying anyone. Just stating the truth」

It seems I have hurt Otousama’s feelings.

「However, I certainly do agree with you Otousama. He wouldn’t be able to work if he prostrated before Kurogane every time. It’s a work that deals with food, so working after placing his hands on the floor would be absurd. I wonder if you would be able to endure and not prostrate when you see Kurogane the next time?」
「Eh? U, umm… yes. I will do my best」

Ash-san replied with no self-confidence. Hmm, I’m getting worried.

「You are fine with that too, right Kurogane?」
「Hmph. It’s not like I told him to do it in the first place, so I don’t really care. Rather, I find it bothersome because it troubled Lord who wanted to push forward the discussion」

H, hey, Kurogane! Please say that slightly indirectly! Ahh, Ash-san froze in place because of the shock.

「A, anyhow! The person himself said he doesn’t mind! So it’s fine, right? Right?」
「Y, yes…」

Uwaa… Ash-san looks worried that he might have fallen out of Kurogane’s grace… his mofumofu ears and tail look pitiably downhearted. Can’t be helped, I shall follow-up.

「Hey Kurogane, I believe he would work very hard if you were the one making the request. Moreover, he worked as an adventurer before, wouldn’t he be able to properly protect the smokehouses were something to happen?」
「… Well, that might be so」
「You have guaranteed for the Silver Wolf clan before. If you could recommend him, then I would also be able to go to the academy with ease of heart, Kurogane」
「Umu. It’s Lord’s wish, you shall work diligently without minding us」
「Ha, yes!! I will do my best!!」

Kurogane, so easy.

「Wait. I’m the one to decide whether we employ him or not」

Gu, there was still Otousama.

「He will be diligent at work and also act as guard, you know? Isn’t he an outstanding talent?」
「That might be so, but…」

Otousama took a glance at Ash-san and grimaced. Just what is he dissatisfied with?

「Otousama is the one making decision for the smoked food… bacon business. However, because we currently are at the stage where we have to increase the production output, his existence surely is a godsend」
「That’s true too, but… well, fine. We will do a trial period first and see how he is」

Oh? He gave in quite easily. Yaay~!

「However, Cristea. I have one condition for you for his employment」
「Eh? Y, yes. What is it?」

Why for me and not for Ash-san?

「You shan’t be selfishly touching this Silver Wolf… Ash, was it?」

What do you mean by not touching him?

「We are talking about you, after all. You were thinking of touching his ears and tail, right?」

Bullseye… how did you know, Otousama… No, I’m mofumofuing Mashiro and Kurogane like that every day, of course he would know.

「Eh! M, my ears and tail!?」

Ash-san quickly stepped back. He hid his tail with his hands and his face turned bright red. Nn?

「Umm, is it wrong to touch it?」

It’s the long-awaited mofumofu kemomimi. I intended to enjoy it to my fullest though.

「As I thought… Cristea, only the family and lover are allowed to touch Beastmen’s ears and tail. When others touch it, it’s considered as courtship behavior」
「Fue!? C, courtship!?」
「Yeah, depending on how you touch it, it might be misunderstood as sexual temptation」
「Cristea, as I thought, you were intending to cheat?」
「What! Mashiro!?」

Did he mean this by “cheating” !?

「Lord… I won’t agree to his employment if that really is the case, you know?」
「Fe, Fenrir-sama! That can’t be!」

Ash-san received shock after hearing Kurogane’s remark.

「Th, t, tha, that’s not iiiiit!」

I didn’t know that-!
Everyone has misunderstood so I desperately tried to explain myself… only Tirie-san was watching while grinning at the side. Gununu.
At any rate, Ash-san has been safely(?) employed… at the time of departure, Ash-san was keeping a distance from me. The damage… it would be difficult being called a sexual harassment lady.


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