Shomin no Aji – Chapter 323

【Otousama POV】Duke talks about his daughter.


My name is Stewart Ellisfeed.
Speaking of the Ellisfeed Duchy of the Doristan Kingdom, our relationship with the royalty runs deep and because I was also classmates with His Majesty, we are famed as a family closest to the royal family.

Children born into the Ellisfeed family are generally born with strong magical power. I was like this as well, but my daughter Cristea is probably one of the most extreme cases. However, because she was born with much more magical power than I, her magical power often ran out of control without being able to do anything about it.
Judging that it would be dangerous for her magical power to run out of control in the Capital, we moved to the fief residence.

My baby girl who couldn’t control her magical power was too skinny, so frail she was prone to fevers. But, thanks to the good air of the fief and plenty of nourishing food, she somehow managed to grow up. I felt relieved when she learned to control her magical power as she grew up and became plumper as the result.
At one time, His Majesty said something ridiculous as「Won’t you give your daughter to us?」… no, to tell you the truth, I was glad this happened as I could use it as a pretext to decline. I won’t give my daughter to the royal family (that fellow’s son).
My wife Anrietta was that fellow’s… no, His Majesty’s fiancée during his Crown Prince days, but I am well aware that she was harassed by other young ladies because of that. As if I would let my daughter be looked at with such eyes. I have decided so and brought my daughter to raise her away from the Capital, but my daughter who wasn’t aware of her father’s worries, yearned for the Capital. I heard from her personal maid that she wished to debut in the high society and wear gaudy dresses on the balls.
… Cristea, I don’t want for you to become a prey to a beast of someone’s son and get pulled into the storm that is the young ladies… I remember the fear of those times. When I told that to my wife, she admonished me with「Since it tends to become more difficult the older the children get, it’s our duty as parents to decide on her fiancé as soon as possible」but… I wonder about that. I believe I was able to marry you only because I didn’t agree with the fiancée my parents chose for me.「Geez… you are such sweet talker, Dear」her angry bashfulness is truly adorable. Whoops, it’s a good thing that only I know of my wife’s cute points.

However, even though it’s our duty as her parents to decide on her fiancé, I won’t settle on a boy that I can’t agree with.
As for my wife, even though her engagement with the former Crown Prince… His Majesty has been broken off, she’s recommending the current Crown Prince as she feels indebted to the royal family and her parent’s home, but giving my daughter to that fellow… no, even if he’s the King, even if it’s my obligation, I won’t agree to give him my daughter. However, because my daughter possesses magical power, she will have to enter the Aderia Academy soon. When that happens, her social appearances will be kept at a minimum, so as expected, I wonder if we will have to decide until then… no, no, there’s no need to force her to marry, so we don’t need to rush…
One day, while considering the pros and cons, my daughter started speaking of wanting to go shopping in a certain town in our fief. I told her that she should just tell the people of the various companies that frequently visit us if she has something she wants to buy, but my daughter didn’t want that. She wanted to buy accessories and snacks directly from the shops. Apparently, the souvenir her personal maid brought her from her day off was very cute and she thought of trying to buy something herself. I found it too dangerous and wanted to reject, but…「I want to buy a souvenir for my beloved Otousama and Okaasama」I couldn’t help but giving her a permission after she said that. However, that was a mistake.

My daughter who went to the town for the first time has collapsed in the downtown, and suffered from high fever and nightmares for several days. What a disaster. I shouldn’t have given her the permission. Hearing that she collapsed after eating food from a stall, I was wondering whether she wasn’t fed poison and locked up the stall owner in a dungeon. I wouldn’t let him go easily if something were to happen to my daughter.
While thinking such, my daughter recovered safely. I felt very relieved when the developmental fever was diagnosed as the cause. She must have gotten too excited after seeing so many things for the first time. As I thought, I shouldn’t let her go.
Thus, the boy working at the stall has been falsely accused. I have apologized for my lack of calm judgment caused by my cute daughter’s illness, but according to my daughter, we caused the boy to lose his job so because of my daughter, I decided to propose employing the boy as a chef in our house. Even if wasn’t good, I planned to give him a letter of introduction so he would be warmly accepted in his next job.
I thought so, but this boy made some interesting things. Moreover, Cristea was particularly smitten, so Anrietta complained about how frequently she visits the kitchen. Indeed, it’s quite inappropriate for a noble lady to come in and out of the kitchen that frequently, but when she presented me a dish with the words「I came up with it for Otousama’s sake」I quite couldn’t get myself to scold her.

Before long, some disgraceful rumors about my daughter came about… let’s not talk about them in detail for my daughter’s sake.
I just have to discipline all those disrespectful fellows.
Come to think of it, all the talk about wanting to debut in high society or go to the Capital disappeared. I was careful not to let my daughter know, but did she hear the rumors from somewhere? No, that shouldn’t be the case. I have properly hushed the servants in our house. She surely got so engrossed in cooking she lost interest in the high society.

Oh, looks like the meal preparations are done.
Today’s menu is daughter’s specially made Orc soup.
Now then, I have to get moving. Orc soup is most delicious when eaten piping hot after all.


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