Shomin no Aji – Chapter 324

Relaxing after a while.


After Ash-san has been safely(?) employed as a temporary worker in the smokehouse, his things were moved into the living space of the employees. Because of that, we had to notify the workers that he’s a Silver Wolf beastman, inform them that he’s not dangerous so they shouldn’t thoughtlessly avoid him, and make sure that he’s not discriminated against beforehand. There was especially strict order「Don’t selfishly touch his ears and tail」. There are not many Beastmen in the Doristan Kingdom, so not everyone was aware that it might be taken as a sexual temptation. I also didn’t know, so sharing information is important, right?

「Umm, Cristea-sama… even if he weren’t Beastman, suddenly touching his ears and tail… erm, umm… I, I don’t think anyone would thoughtlessly touch other person’s body like that」
「! … T, that might be so. But, just in case, okay?」

I got tsukkomid by the red-faced Miria… now that I think about it, it would be normally considered as a sexual harassment. I was blinded by the mofumofu and nearly did something outrageous. That would have been dangerous if I weren’t cautioned by Otousama…
I mean, whether it’s because of the winter fur, the tail looked so fluffily mofu… as a mofumofu lover, it can’t be helped that I wanted to thoroughly enjoy it, right? Right?
I’m frightened how hypnotized I was by the fluffy tail swaying in front of me even while knowing that touching it would be a sexual harassment. I decided to let out my mofu feelings on Mashiro and others during the brushing time.

In the meanwhile, Shin and others safely returned to the fief.
While the fief might not be far from the Capital, being endlessly jolted in the carriage is tiring. I really got lucky to be called by Tirie-san and given the permission to go comfortably by warping…
Shin has been, unfortunately for him, caught by Head Chef who lied in wait and got questioned about the new dishes made in the Capital.
Actually, I have also felt a burning gaze on me since I have returned to the fief, but I felt that it wouldn’t simply end with questions. That’s why, although I felt bad for Head Chef, I pretended that I didn’t notice him. I mean, I am a bit tired after accompanying Capital’s Head Chef, see? It can’t be helped, right? Besides, Shin is the one who carries the recipes anyway… right?
… Shin, sorry. I pray for your good fortune.

「You seem quite dark at the start of the new year, don’t you?」

Sei who knew that I returned came to visit our house in the Ichima-san style after a long time.
Because he brought Omochi as the end-of-the-year present, I received it and tried to garnished it with red bean paste.

「Ohh, thanks」

Sei delightfully picked up the soft Omochi in his chopsticks and skillfully covered it in the red bean paste.

「The Capital was fun in many ways, but high society is bothersome, isn’t it?」

I also enjoyed Omochi after a while. Ahh, delicious… the saltiness after the sweet bean paste is what I wanted.

「I see, Miss Cristea went to the palace then?」
「Yeah~ In the pretext of mingling with children before enrolling in the academy. The high society debut is still far away, but the purpose seems to get slowly used to it」

Fumu, let’s try the second Omochi with sweet soy sauce. Sei also wanted to eat it, so I gave him the same.

「Ojou~ give me the same, please!」
「Didn’t Byakko-sama eat three cakes already? You still want more?」
「You’d want to eat something salty after eating something sweet, right?」

Gu, he’s saying the same thing as me…
Can’t be helped, let’s give Byakko-sama and others the same thing… his demanding was terrific, so I gave each two cakes.

「Sorry about our gluttons. However, I see… the academy enrollment is soon」
「Yeah. I wonder if you will go over when the snow melts?」
「Hmm, we plan on warping to the Bastea Company’s branch in the Capital, so we will stay here until the last moment. Tora will warp in advance to mark the warping point」

Ah, how nice… I also want to warp there.
I have marked my room in the Capital’s residence just in case, so I should be able to warp there. I haven’t tested it though.

「But, is it safe to warp that simply?」

Warp is quite a rare magic after all.


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