Shomin no Aji – Chapter 325

Come to think of it, it was like that, wasn't it?


「Because warp magic is rare, you will be targeted by the friends who would love to make use of your power if you don’t keep it secret, you know?」

I advised Sei with concern because he is poorly informed about the circumstances of the Doristan Kingdom. Although I who warps as I please in order to shop all the time shouldn’t be saying that…

「Of course, we carefully pay attention to the transfer point. We originally planned to go by the overland route, but that would make us easy targets. I’d like to avoid meaningless fights, so there is no other way」
「… They seem to be anxious that I have distanced myself from Yahatul. I got a message from Father (foster father) that the Empress (stepmother) sent assassins to the Doristan Kingdom」

Even though Sei whose life was targeted has finally escaped all the way to the Doristan Kingdom… why won’t she leave him alone?

「If the Four Divine Beasts protected Elder brother as the next Emperor, then they would possibly leave an illegitimate child like myself alone. But, for Elder brother to not manifest them no matter how much time has passed, they must have noticed that something strange is going on」

I see, the symbol of the next Emperor that are the Four Divine Beasts didn’t appear before his older brother, so perhaps…? Someone perceptive must have noticed the possibility. Ironically, the Four Divine Beasts contracted Sei to protect him from the assassins…

「Oh my, my current Lord is Sei-sama, you know? I have no intentions of serving any other men. I shall beat the pursuers at their own game, so no need to worry」

Suzaku-sama said something really cool, but you shouldn’t hold Omochi between your chopsticks while making a smug face at the same time, you know…?

「Yeah. I also dislike that old woman. Her son is just a puppet who only does as she says. I have no intentions of serving someone like that」

… Byakko-sama, please stop handing over your plate as your way of asking for seconds. I will give you seconds because you said something nice though.

「I’m of the same opinion」
「… N」

Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama followed up after the two.
… They are taking glances at me and waiting, so I added another serving for the two. When I did that, Suzaku-sama gazed at me sorrowfully so I gave Suzaku-sama another helping too.

「Fu. The real reason for you guys to stop by here was Miss Cristea’s cooking, wasn’t it?」

Sei pointed out with a wry smile.
No, no, surely not. That’s definitely not it, okay?

「I will tell you just in case, but you won’t be able to come in touch with Miss Cristea like now after enrolling in the academy, alright?」

Yeah, that’s well… true. Sei will be enrolling as a male student, so we won’t be able to have tea carefreely like this.【O-Sei-chan】is my friend, but the overseas student from Yahatul,【Sei-kun】, shouldn’t have that setting at first. People might find faults with us if we intimately go for tea together and will end up making needless guesses.


Eh!? What, eh?
What is this「I haven’t heard anything about that!?」-like reaction?

「T, then what about the food!?」

Eh!? Byakko-sama was worried about that!?

「W, what about pudding!? Where will I get pudding Cristea-sama made!?」

… Suzaku-sama. You too?

「「…… (Nod, nod)」」

… Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama, you guys too!?

「… Seriously. You seem to be misunderstanding something. The reason you are able to Miss Cristea’s delicious food is only because of her good will. Rather, taking that as given is strange. In the first place, not getting anything should be what’s given」

Ahh~ everyone is downhearted.

「Umm, all that said, you guys provide me with ingredients, I also met Mashiro and Kurogane thanks to you…」

I have to follow-up since I found them a little pitiful.

「They are such gluttons so rewarding you is natural. Even the Sacred Beast contracts were caused by Tora’s overeagerness, so Miss Cristea doesn’t have to worry about it. Rather, I should apologize for driving you into a troublesome position」

True. It’s true, but? I can enjoy mofumofu life to the fullest, my eating habits improved, so it’s not only bad things. Besides, they are eating that deliciously, so suddenly throwing them away is a little… you know?
Hmm, how do we deal with this?


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