Shomin no Aji – Chapter 326

We are friends after all!


Err… even if I prepare a huge stock in a hurry before leaving towards the Capital, it would get emptied in no time by this large family of gluttons. The point is, the exchange after they run out of the stock.
There’s no doubt that it would become really troublesome if Byakko-sama warped into my room as he has been doing so far. While he might be a Sacred Beast, it would be a great problem if a man appeared in the women’s dormitory. He might be treated as a degenerate or I might end up getting treated as a lascivious schoolgirl… no, considering our age difference, Byakko-sama would be the one treated as degenerate…

「Oy. Who are you calling a degenerate?」
「Eh!? I wasn’t talking with Byakko-sama via telepathy just now, was I?」

How did he know?

「Cristea-sama, you said it all aloud… umm, I’m not a glutton…」

Seriously… how embarrassing. I have to be more careful.

「Miss Cristea, I’m grateful that you are thinking about these fellows, but there’s no need to push yourself as it would only leave you at disadvantage」

Sei is thinking about me though…

「But, Sei also wants to occasionally enjoy the taste of your homeland, right?」
「! ….. Uh」

Finding what I said unexpected, Sei opened his eyes wide in surprise. While he might be remonstrating Byakko-sama and others, he’s coming over together with them so I thought that he really might be missing the taste of his homeland. It can’t be helped since I also wanted to eat after I recalled my past life.
He came to the Doristan Kingdom out of necessity because his life was targeted, so he surely came while leaving many things behind.
In here, he can taste his cherished homeland. I don’t think the dishes I cook are unsatisfactory, but wouldn’t it be fine to not give up on this much?

「… As I said before, I don’t want Miss Cristea to force yourself, I don’t want to force you either」

Force, huh… I have no intentions of forcing myself, so if we come up with a way to deliver the food, I don’t think there would be a problem. At any rate, I will cook our share on the weekends when I return to the Capital’s mansion and I also requested Galvano Ojisama to make a portable magic stove for me, so I will be able to stealthily cook in the academy as well.
When I said so, Sei lowered his head deeply and said「… Thank you. I’m indebted to you」in bewilderement.

「What are you doing, Sei. We are friends, right? It’s only natural we would help each other in troubled times… I feel sorry that I won’t be able to help you publicly, but I would like if you at least let me do this much?」
「Miss Cristea… fu, that’s right. Friends, huh… thank you」

Sei laughed lightly in delight.

「The problem is the delivery method」

We will be in clear if we figure this out, I think.

「Yeah… as expected, it’s not like I could intrude on Miss Cristea’s place…」

I don’t mind, but Sei-san, yo? Your speech is getting rather sloppy, you know?
It doesn’t match your Ichima-san appearances…

「So troublesome. Ain’t it fine if I just warp to Ojou’s room?」

Byakko-sama, you don’t want to be called degenerate yet you still have no qualms against entering a maiden’s room? Moreover, Leon-sama is in the Capital. I feel like he would get curious about a foreign country’s Sacred Beast coming in and out of our house.

「Then, what do you want to do?」

Buu buu, Byakko-sama grumped. Hmmm, I feel like Byakko-sama will really intrude on our house at this rate.

「Use me as messenger」
「Eh? … Is that okay?」

That’s unusual coming from Kurogane. It looked like he would start a fight with Suzaku-sama, but he has been quiet after I told him he would be without a lunch, so I didn’t expect him to volunteer.

「I don’t mind. It’s delivering Lord’s food, right? We just should set a meeting place and make the delivery… right? Byakko」
「Yeah. But, is that fine with you?」
「Hmph. I want to return your favor early, but I don’t think it will be bad having you owe me instead」
「Ugu… can’t be helped. I can’t oppose my stomach」

Fufun, Kurogane was smug, Gununu while Byakko-sama was frustrated… with Suzaku-sama in the background.
A, anyhow, the delivery method has been secured, so… I am relived, I think?


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