Shomin no Aji – Chapter 327

Let's accept requests!


Fumu. We have settled on Kurogane periodically delivering meals to Sei and others.
Byakko-sama and other Divine Beasts all have Inventory, so I don’t have to worry about giving them larger amounts…

「Everyone, do you have any requests regarding the menu?」

Everyone will have different things they would like to eat, so I should accept their requests.

「Ah! I want that thing! Gijudo or how it is called!」

Gijudo…? Ahh, Gyuudon? The one I made with Bighorn Bull tendons.

「Ah, that thing? That was certainly good」

Kurogane nodded in agreement.

「Right? That thing had a plenty of broth and I can’t help but think of trying it with a raw egg」
「Egg, huh… I see, that indeed sounds delicious」

Wha, Byakko-sama is coming out with new dishes out of blue… his obsession with food is more amazing than mine…

「What? Giju… don? … Say, Tora? Have you eaten delicacies without us knowing?」
「Ah! Crap」

I forgot! Byakko-sama panicked.
… Ah, I see. He ate it during the Sacred Beast contract racket, so Sei and others haven’t eaten it yet.

「Sei, he had Gyuudon with us when he came for the Sacred Beast contracts…」
「… Ah, during that racket, huh. Geez, Tora doesn’t do anything with decency」

When Sei glared at Byakko-sama, he curled up his body like a child who got caught causing a mischief.

「Oh well, Tora is the one saying that, so it must have been delicious. I am sorry but could I request that from you? … Without the raw egg」

Oh my, he has a confidence in Byakko-sama’s gluttony, doesn’t he?

「I understand. I will boil the egg for you a little」

If raw egg is no good then soft-boiled egg should be fine.
Ah, I now crave for it as well.
I have to prepare my share while making theirs.
After that, Suzaku-sama requested pudding and Chawanmushi, Seiryou-sama Orc miso soup and Onigiri, and Genbu-sama requested Oyakodon.

「Err, umm… I, I would be happy if you could make me Omurice」

Sei requested with a slight blush.

「Although you said the taste of homeland, I would like to eat that again because it was so good」

Ah, I see. As expected, they don’t have something like Omurice in Yahatul. But, it’s a meal made from rice, so it must have been easy to get accustomed to.

「All right. I will make you a soft and fluffy Omurice」

When I said that, Sei delightfully smiled and said「Thank you. I will be looking forward to it」.

On top of accepting the requests, I agreed to make as much as possible. A large amount will be prepared in advance, so I requested to arrange bowls and stockpots for the dishes for me. Although Sei offered to handle all of the food expenses, we decided on bartering with Yahatul ingredients as before.

「Since the ingredients of Yahatul have recently become available at the branch in the Capital, I will arrange for the unusual stuff to reach that branch regularly as well」

The giant of a man who was with Sei the first time I met him contacted the Capital’s branch and made them to stock up on all kinds of goods. Therefore, the delivery will be handed over at the Capital’s branch together with the memo of ingredients I need, which will be then brought back for me.
Yaaay! I won’t need to go and buy ingredients every time I return home~!

「… Miss Cristea, let me tell you this just in case, but the biggest customer of the Capital’s branch is the Ellisfeed House」

… I see.


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