Shomin no Aji – Chapter 329

Reporting reluctantly.


I, who has been persuaded by Kurogane reluctantly went to Otousama who was still working in his office to report about my outing to the port town.
I’ve got a late-night snack (bribe) to get him into a good mood…

「…… What?」

Otousama frowned deeply…… still, he didn’t forget to stuff his cheeks with the late-night Onigiri.

「E, err, you see? I want to obtain some fresh fish, so I… thought of going to catch them myself」

When I explained while nervously laughing, Otousama’s frowning has gotten increasingly deeper. See… he’s showing disapproval.

「Catch? Not buy?」
「The variety and freshness are different from on the market fish after all…」
「I’m not asking about that. I certainly have no doubts about the freshness, but how do you plan on catching them?」

Otousama asked while stealing a glance at Kurogane and Mashiro. Is he perhaps thinking that I’m planning to make Kurogane and Mashiro catch them for me? No matter how you look at it, I don’t think I could have Kurogane and Mashiro catch seafood for me…? It seems that Mashiro would be fine with freshwater fish, but I wonder how about sea fish?

「Even if you ask me how…」

That reminds me, I simply warped the fish near me the last time at the sea, but as expected, I can’t be entering the sea during the winter, right? Collecting them into the Inventory at once… no, living beings can’t be stored in the Inventory. Ehh~… what do I do? … Ah, right.

「I’m thinking of herding the fish into a cove sealed with Earth Magic…」

Wouldn’t I be able to warp them safely onto the beach then? … No, maybe I could just create an enclosure around the herded fish and catch them like that. I should just consult with Siren-kun about what method would be the most optimal. Yes, that’s a good idea if I say so myself. I wouldn’t be entering the sea and it doesn’t sound dangerous, so I should be able to get a permission.

「Herd? The idea aside, just who is going to do that?」

… Crap. You had to ask that?

「I’m thinking of asking a person I have gotten to know the last time I was in the port town」

I’m not lying. That「Person I have gotten to know」is Siren-kun… a monster if I was to be honest.

「… Fumu. I’m interested in your method. Let me accompany you. I should greet the person you have gotten acquintanced with too」
「What? It’s only natural to thank those who take care of my daughter, isn’t it?」
「T, that’s……」
「Mu, now that’s decided, I have to tidy up tomorrow’s share of work too. You go to bed already」
「U, umm! You don’t have to force yourself like that…」
「I’m not forcing myself. I have decided to take a day off tomorrow after all. Now then, don’t get me distracted and go to sleep」

Saying that, Otousama lowered his eyes towards the documents, making me not able to say anything and just dejectedly leave the office.Eh, w, what do I do…?


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