Shomin no Aji – Chapter 332

Port town after a while, freezing in various meanings.


We have moved to the port town’s cove with a warp magic.

「Ugh… a winter sea is cold indeed」

Although wearing a robe with temperature control, the salty sea breeze was freezing my face.

「Ya~n, I am poor with cold」

Tirie-san was clinging to Kurogane’s arm and not separating, but he was mercilessly thrown off once the warping was complete.

「Cristea, come over here」

Otousama pulled me closer to him and wrapped his robe around me. Ohh, the wind stopped hitting me. Thank you very much, Otousama.

「Hoo, this is astonishing. We really did warp to a sea」

Galvano Ojisama was in high spirits from watching the sea while giving Mashiro a shoulder ride. He hadn’t experienced personal warp magic before after all. Otousama is shrewdly using the warping magic circle for his personal use though.

「So, where is the personage whom you have been taken care of? I can only see cabins and ships as far as I can see though…」

Thinking that the person in question was a fisherman, Otousama looked around to search for him.
Ah right, we have to look for Siren-kun. I wonder if he won’t appear all of sudden just like before?

「Oh myyy? Long time no see! Errr… Cris-chan, was it?」

… Whoa. He appeared all of sudden, from the sea. Moreover, in the one-piece dress he was wearing before. I am cold just by looking at him. But, he’s a beauty like always… or not, a hunk… or not. With such get up, he doesn’t look like a human at all!

「!? What!? A monster in a place like this?」
「Oh my? A mermaid, perhaps? No, a Siren?」

As expected of the Guild Master of the Adventurer’s Guild, Tirie-san was able to recognize him as a monster… a Siren.

「Siren, you said? His magic stone and scales fetch a high price as popular accessories. I don’t want them, but Tirie, don’t you want them?」
「Indeed. High-priced trade materials rarely appear like this」

Galvano Ojisama who was still giving Mashiro a shoulder ride and Tirie-san were having a dangerous conversation.

「Y, you can’t! He’s the person who has taken care of me!」

Huh? He’s a monster, so would using ‘person’ be weird? No, this is not the time to be thinking about this!
When I panicked and tried to step forward to cover for Siren-kun in panic, Otousama tightly grasped my shoulders. Ah, crap.

「The one you are indebted to is a Siren? A monster, you say? Cristea, I haven’t received a report about this though?」

Hiii!? I should have been warm in the robes, but why is it chilly all of sudden…?

「U, umm… there is a reason for this, you see」
「Be there a reason or not, haven’t you promised me to report was something like this to happen?」

Hiee, Otousama’s frown gradually deepened!?

「Cristea, would you like to report now?」
「Y, yes…」

As I thought, I can’t avoid the scolding… even though I just wanted some fishhh!


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