Shomin no Aji – Chapter 333

A parent's standpoint, a child's standpoint.


I, who was pressed by Otousama to report explained how I met Siren-kun the last time I came to purchase fish at the market, how I didn’t know he was a monster at first, and how he tried to save me when I carelessly fell into the sea. Otousama was clearly exhausted after I finished explaining how I got lots of fish by using Warp magic and how I would bring sweets as a reward for Siren-kun’s help of herding the fish next time.

「Hasn’t that happened quite a long time ago… how much have we talked about reporting was something to happen? You are lucky you were not injured… think carefully about how much your careless actions cause worries to your surroundings」
「I, I am truly sorry…」

What Otousama was saying is reasonable, so I had nothing to retort with.

「Now, now, isn’t everything fine in the end? She is safe and healthy after all. If you keep on nagging and restraining her too much, your beloved daughter will come to hate you?」

When Tirie-san said so while embracing Otousama from behind, he froze in place.

「I, I am just overseeing the path my child takes as her parent, just guiding her…」

「Ridiculous. Have you forgotten what you have done during your childhood? Have you not learned from what you have said after your parents kept on nagging you? Haven’t you secretly played around as an adventurer?」
「Gu!? T, that’s…」

Otousama panicked at Tirie-san’s ridiculing words.
A story from Otousama’s childhood? Adventurer!? I would like to hear in detail by all means!

「Seriously, you are blind to your own shortcomings. You have been way more reckless than this」
「… Because I have an experience like that, I think it’s only natural that I don’t want my daughter to be met with danger. Now that I have become a father myself, I understand the feelings of my parents very well」

… I wonder if Otousama, who was such a mischievous child himself, worries about me so much?

「Well, there are some things you can understand only after becoming a parent. Jouchan is guilty of twisting everyone’s consideration, but you were much more reckless. Why don’t you just composedly prepare in advance, and protect her from the parent’s standpoint when it’s important?」

Ga, Galvano Ojisama? What am I guilty of? Haven’t you dissed me unconsciously? But, I can’t deny…

「… Indeed. Hoping that she wouldn’t become like me, I was about to repeat the same mistake as my Father. Cristea, it’s not like I want to restrict you. I just don’t want you to meet danger」

Otousama grimaced sorrowfully. Ahhh, I am sorry, Otousama. I am truly sorry for causing you to worry all the time!

「Otousama, I am grateful that you are always thinking for my sake. I will also be more careful in the future」

It was a scene of beautiful parent-child love, but even though I might have said to be more careful, I didn’t say that I would stop. That is the important point.
Moreover, I only want to secure delicious food, I have no intentions of being reckless, okay? Otousama’s worries come mostly from the other side, so it’s not my fault… right?

「Gee. To possess a va~st heart and de~ep affection, I also have to learn broad-mindedness by observation, don’t I?」
「Daa!? Don’t fondle people’s butts!」

Tirie-san started sexually harassing Otousama while still clinging onto him, so he was immediately shaken off. Even though you said something so good, you are a mess in many ways, Tirie-san…

「Hey~? Sorry to disturb you just as the issue got settled, but. Haven’t you come to catch fish?」

Tired of waiting, Siren-kun spoke while leaning on a rock wall.

「Ah! T, that’s right! We have come to catch fish!」

I, I forgot…


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