Shomin no Aji – Chapter 335

Let's catch fish! Part 2


Looking at the dumbfounded Otousama and others, I can’t help but think that I did something wrong again.
But, I don’t have the slightest idea what that might be.
Siren-kun has been exposed, they should also understand about the fish herding… they should already know that I put cookware in my Inventory.
I have no idea at all where I went wrong.

「U, umm… Otousama, is there something wrong?」

It can’t be helped, I should go with the deceiving smile here! Slightly tilt my head to the side cutely!
Otousama who was looking at me recovered, turned away from me and looked at the sea again.

「Cristea, you… are you telling me that the wall that appeared in the sea was made by you?」
「Eh? … Y, yes. Is there a problem?」

What’s wrong with the wall for herding fish?
I have made things like the pizza kiln and smokehouses before, so I don’t think now’s the time to be surprised about it…

「That was a little surprising… to think a child of your age could make such a splendid stone wall」
「Truly. To make a firm wall like that within the sea, that’s quite a difficult thing to do」

… Eh? That?
I mean, there are the waves to consider, so wouldn’t the wall collapse without a considerable firmness?
I was imagining embankment from my past life, but I will be destroying it later anyhow, so there was no need to make it that thick, so I made it of a moderate strength level as a result, but…
Would they be shocked again if I said that now?

「Jouchan, if you keep polishing your magic like this, becoming the commander of a Magician Corps division wouldn’t be just a dream」
「Indeed… the first female division commander wouldn’t be just a dream」
「Wait, my daughter has no intentions of enrolling to the Magician Corps」

What’s that!? Why are you talking about something like that just because of a wall for fish herding?
First of all, can I agree that Otousama and the rest were surprised because of the power of my earth magic?
Teacher Marlen has taught me many things, but he didn’t tell me anything about this being a common-sense breaking level though!?
… I better confirm the standards of magic before enrolling to the academy.

「Oy~! I’ve herded the fish~!」

Siren-kun’s face turned up above the water surface as he shouted.

「Ah, yes~!」

I made a new wall and sealed the fish inside.
Ohh, looking from the shore, there’s quite a lot!

『Alright, it’s my turn. Lord, just watch』

As soon as Kurogane jumped into the sea, he submerged into the water and quickly mowed down his legs to drive the fish into a corner.
Then, a small tornado that brought the fish towards us sprung forth.
Awawa! What are you planning to do with that tornado, Kurogane-saaan!?
Not paying attention to the panicking me, when the tornado was about to go ashore, it suddenly vanished making the fish fall to the ground.
Eh, what is this, amazing. To be able to control a tornado this precisely.
If I did that… I can only imagine something going wrong, so let’s not try imitating that.

『How about it, Lord. Is this good enough?』

I obediently praised the smug-faced Kurogane.

「Yes, that was amazing, Kurogane! So many fish!」
『Fu… this is a simple feat when you leave it to me』
『Muu… Cristea, I will also do my best!』

Provoked by Kurogane’s success, Mashiro jumped into the sea and started swimming.
… Mashiro is dog paddling huh… how cute.
While admiring Mashiro’s cuteness, he threw something out from the sea.
Hiyun! Thud! Thud!
The things which were making dull sounds while falling on the ground were fish frozen in a meter big lumps of ice.

「Eh? Wh, what is this?」
『Cristea~! Is a size like that alright? I can throw a bigger one too?』

Bigger ones? I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to escape without an injury were I hit with this size, you know?

「Wait, Ma, Mashiro! Bigger than this would be dangerous! Throw a little smaller ones please!」
『N, got it~!』
「Uwa~… the way Holy Bear-kun does things is scary…」

Siren-kun said from the opposite side with a cramped smile.
… I think so too.
Not good. It’s dangerous here, I should evacuate Otousama and the rest.

「Otousama, it’s dangerous over here so let’s move slightly further awa… Otousama?」

The three were frozen in place again.

「U, umm, Otousama? It’s dangerous, so…」

When I called out again, Otousama and others came to their senses.

「I won’t get surprised no matter what happens from now on」
「Me too. Not only Jouchan, the Sacred Beast-samas are also outrageous…」
「… I’m asking you again, but please report privately to me no matter what happens…」

… I don’t think I did anything outrageous though!? Incomprehensible!


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