Shomin no Aji – Chapter 336

Let's catch fish! Part 3


Thanks to Kurogane and Mashiro’s work, we safely recovered the fish.
… I have to think of a gentler way of fishing for the next time.
I collected the fish while thinking such.

「Mashiro… this ice, can you melt it?」

Although the size is not a problem for my Inventory, I would like to excuse myself from shattering ice when wanting to use the fish. Moreover, it’s possible that the fish would break into pieces together with the ice.

『Un, okay~』

When Mashiro touched the lump of ice, Bam it turned into water and the fish fell to the ground.
I quickly put the frozen fish into my Inventory.
When Mashiro and Kurogane changed to their human forms and started to help me, the three guardians who stared in a trance pulled themselves together and begin helping with the collection of fish.
Today, there were Striped Jacks, Tilefish, Striped Beakfish, Flounders, and Amberjacks.
Ufufu… Striped Jack Aji Fry and Namerou. Tilefish are good for Sashimi, but throwing Sakamushi, Nitsuke, and Shinjo away would be difficult.
I will have to make Amberjack Shabu-shabu at least once.
As for the small-sized fish, how about I dry them?
Ufufu… being able to think if I should make this and that is truly a bliss.

「Lord, this bristly thing resembling a chestnut was edible too, no?」

Kurogane grasped a sea urchin in his bare hands and showed it to me.
Awawa! It would be dangerous if you got prickled, alright!

「Kurogane! That’s dangerous, you have to wear gloves!」
「No matter. Something like this is nothing to me」

He certainly helped me pick chestnuts before, so spines are probably nothing to him… but just watching him is painful~!
I took out a spade and a bag from Inventory and handed them to Kurogane and told him to pick the urchins with that, however, he returned the spade to me and gathered the urchins into the bag with a small magic whirlwind.
… How dexterous.

「Cristeaa~ there’s something weird? Is this also a monster?」

Monster!? Looking at Mashiro in a panic, he was poking something at his feet with his hands.
Mashiro~! Don’t say something like that while poking the monster.
I hurriedly looked at Mashiro’s feet.

「… What. That’s probably not a monster」

What was rolling at Mashiro’s feet was… a sea cucumber.

「No way, what is that? It’s not a monster even though it’s so gross?」

Tirie-san who was picking up small fish grimaced at the sea cucumber’s grotesque appearances.

「I don’t think it’s a monster. I think it’s edible… Kurogane, this is not a monster, right?」

Around here, I should consult with Kurogane’s appraisal skill after all.

「Let me see? … Lord, the appraisal says that it is indeed edible, but… we have this many fish. There’s no need to bother eating something like that」

Since Kurogane’s appraisal judged it as edible, then this is most likely really a sea cucumber.
Looking carefully, there were red sea cucumbers and blue sea cucumbers laying here and there.
… It’s delicious when eaten with vinegared dishes. Moreover, Shiokara sea cucumber intestines are known as a high-class delicacy, Konowata.
… Otousama and others will surely get addicted to it if they try it.

「Mashiro, Kurogane! Please put all of them in this bag!」
「Wha! Wa, wait, Cristea-chan!? You are really going to collect something so gross? Y, you won’t tell me that you are going to eat it, are you!?」

I cannot believe this! Tirie-san was making such an expression.
Yes, that’s exactly it.
Otousama and others who approached because of the ruckus looked at me who was picking up a sea cucumber with my hands in fright.

「C, Cristea!? P, put away that w, weird thing from your hands. Okay?」

Otousama started persuading me to let go of the sea cucumber.

「Eh, but Otousama, this is…」

When I turned towards Otousama with the sea cucumber in my hands, he retreated as if saying『Hii』.
… Otousama, so you are bad with things like this?
I discovered Otousama’s unexpected weak point.

「However, this would be a good snack to alcohol…」

I wouldn’t be able to make much only with this many sea cucumbers, but Konowata would be possible.

「What did you say!? This as a snack to alcohol!? Alright! Leave these things to me. You guys go pick the fish over there!」

Knowing that sea cucumbers go well with alcohol, Galvano Ojisama drove away Otousama and others away and begun gathering the sea cucumbers.
Galvano Ojisama really is a drinker among dwarves. What an unwavering person…

We gathered all the marine products in about half an hour.
It has become noon when we finished, so we decided to end the fishing here.
I thought of having a lunch at the stalls in town, but… since Tirie-san and Galvano Ojisama ended up tagging along, I gave up as we would stand out too much.
It would be good to return home, but since Siren-kun was with us, we decided to have a lunch together at the beach.


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