Shomin no Aji – Chapter 337

Speaking of eating seafood for lunch, then this is it!


I begun preliminary preparations for the cooking while I had Otousama and others gather dry driftwood and branches for me.
I put a big pot on fire on the oven I made a while ago, and poured water into the pot with water magic.
I chose and took out several fishes from the Inventory, and after descaling and processing the organs, I thoroughly washed them and put them together with ginger into the pot. Then, I took out leek, radish, carrots, mushrooms, and other root vegetables, and chopped them into easy to eat sizes.
I threw them into the pot and gently boiled it together while scooping out the scum.
After I confirmed that the vegetables were cooked, I put miso into the pot. Then, I added more leek and cooked everything together.

「… Yup, tastes good」

The flavor from fish and mushrooms seemed to have been extracted well.

「It’s done! A Fisherman’s stew」

Yes, what I made was the Fisherman’s stew. It’s called Fisherman’s stew, but it’s actually just a miso soup cooked with fish and vegetables.
We did not catch any Saw-edged Perch today, so I used small fish instead though.
Serving my emergency food like Onigiri and Tamagoyaki I was storing in my Inventory on a large plate, the preparations were complete.

「I was waiting for this! Ohh, so war~m…… it permeates into my cold body…」

Tirie-san tightly grasped the bowl of Fisherman’s stew in his hands and earnestly drank it.
A piping hot Fisherman’s stew to warm up the body and mind that grew colder from the chilly sea breeze. Yup, yup, it’s irresistible, isn’t it?
I tasted the stew while thinking such. I immediately experienced the sensation of warm liquid going down my throat to the stomach, making me feel just a less cold… I can feel myself relax. Ahh, what a bliss…

「Umu, this is nice. My body gets warmer as I keep eating… fuu, rather, it’s getting hot」

Otousama was pulling on the front of his collar, trying to send wind to his body. The ginger which also served to remove the fishy stank seems to be working well. My body also feels nice and warm.

「This is good. It’s unfortunate that there’s no alcohol to go with this good food. However, what kind of alcohol would go well with this……」

… Galvano Ojisama is thinking of alcohol even at a time like this. Should I say as expected of him… I think the Yahatul saké would be good if you want to match a miso soup, but I will stay quiet here so not to start another drinking bout…

「Cristea, it’s nice and warm, delish!」
「Umu. It seemed to be simply made, but to thin kit would taste this good」

The Fisherman’s stew seems to be to Mashiro and Kurogane’s tastes too. Ah, Kurogane dropped Onigiri into his stew. That’s so poor mannered, but it looks so delicious… ugh, it’s improper, but let’s try eating stealthily like that the next time.

「Ish hosh wut deli… delish…」

Siren-kun was stuffing his cheeks with Onigiri while drinking the stew, when I thought he would swallow he took Tamagoyaki as well… what a busy way of eating. When I served Onigiri and other side dishes on a plate and handed it to Siren-kun, he began eating slowly with relief. I’m glad I noticed early.

「It’s my first time eating hot food, but it’s delicious! However, it’s too hot I have difficulty eating…」

Certainly, looking at Siren-kun’s bowl, only a little seem to have decreased. Is it too hot for him to eat, I wonder…

「Otousama, can’t you cool down Siren-san’s bowl a little?」

I have come up with a strategy and asked Otousama who can use ice magic if it would be possible for him to cool down Siren-kun’s bowl a little. Mashiro and I both can use ice magic, but we would most likely freeze the bowl altogether, so I asked Otousama who is skilled in this area.

「Hmm? Let me give it a try」

I received the bowl from Siren-kun and handed it to Otousama. The moment I handed the bowl to Otousama, it showed signs of cooling down as the steam disappeared.
It was still slightly warm when he handed me the bowl back. Ohh, as expected of him.

「Thank you very much, Otousama. Here you go」

When I handed the bowl to Siren-kun, he joyfully drank the stew.

「Oh, it’s easier to drink! Thank you, Ojisan!」

Siren-kun happily thanked Otousama.

「O… Oji, san?」

Otousama was lost for words. Come to think of it, this must be the first time Otousama has been called Ojisan.


Tirie-san nearly spat out the stew, but he endured. That was a close one…

「Ohh, you have been also called Ojisan at last, huh. The time passes fast, doesn’t it?」

Galvano Ojisama was poking fun at Otousama with a grin.

「… Well, my daughter has become this big after all. It’s the truth, but I have never been called like this before, so it feels fresh」

Otousama coughed and tried to gloss over his discomposure.
Indeed, there isn’t anyone who could address Otousama as『Ojisan』, so he must have been surprised.

「… Did I say something wrong? How should I actually call you?」

Siren-kun was bewildered by everyone’s state.

「No, I don’t mind. I’m not usually called in that way, so I was just surprised a little」

As expected, he wouldn’t find being called Ojisan denouncing when it comes from a little child.
… How old is Siren-kun anyways?
Unexpectedly, he was older than Otousama.


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