Shomin no Aji – Chapter 339

Idle Talk - Kaguya's House-sitting


My name is Kaguya.
A proud magic beast… is what I was once upon a time, but due to a blunder, I’m currently a tiny black cat now.
I was pessimistic about my new form and how would I live from now on, but the lass Cristea who fixed me into these appearances is feeding me with the pretext of being monitored. That’s why I can somewhat manage to go on… no, speaking honestly, to be able to live this comfortably, what were all of my hardships up until now for? I am currently living such life… I think.
Not having to endure hardships, I can simply take a nap on a warm bed. When I become hungry, I don’t have to go out searching for it as the food comes to me. I couldn’t believe it at first.
At first, I thought that I might not get food again if I don’t eat, so I devoured greedily everything, but I had calmed down by then. Rather, this lass… Cristea makes sure I eat proper amounts and doesn’t let me eat more. Even when I think that I want to eat more, I find it slightly disappointing when I can’t.

Usually, when the lass is with her contracted Sacred Beasts, the Fenrir Kurogane and the Holy Bear Mashiro, I loiter around the mansion, looking for a warm place to take a nap at.
When close to the lass, the desire of the Sacred Beasts to monopolize her is way too obvious, so I don’t get too near. I don’t think I would want to stick close to the lass if not for the fact that I have to receive her magical power periodically. Rather, it’s the lass that seeks me which transfers the jealousy of the Sacred Beasts onto me, geez.

I make sure to be by Cristea’s side only when the Sacred Beasts go to patrol around the mansion to check on the security. I am to contact them in case something happens, so they can warp over. It’s a trifling monitoring duty. I cannot protect her myself because of the magic tool collar around my neck. Well you know, I thought that I could at least watch over her in the stead of the Sacred Beasts.
Well, I’m currently living like this.

It’s just yesterday that the lass said『I’m going to the sea to catch fish tomorrow』.
I recalled the yummy fish she brought back the last time. Yep, those were tasty.
I have also gone to a sea before. I got attacked by a monster with huge magical power and nearly drowned which caused me to fear the seas.
I have not gone to a sea again ever since somehow managing to escape.
However, it seems that the lass caught yummy fish this time, so I thought that I might be able to eat freshly caught fish if I went too. The lass said『Let’s go together the next time, okay!』too anyway. I might tag along.

Hearing that we are departing early in the morning, I woke up earlier than usual, went to the kitchen and got a chicken tenderloin to eat. There have been several people who give me something to eat when loitering around the mansion recently. I get snacks too, but they would mofu me just like the lass as a compensation, so I generously let myself get patted. Sometimes they go too far, so I push them aside with my claws and hit them with my tail, but they are pleased even with that. They are a weird bunch, just like the lass.
With this and that happening, I returned to the room after finishing a light breakfast, but it was completely empty. I couldn’t find any presence even after searching for magical power.
… Where did they go?
While thinking so, the door opened.

「Oh my? Kaguya? So you were here」

I thought it might be the lass, but it was her personal maid Miria.


With my current black cat form, I don’t have enough magical power to communicate via telepathy with anyone but Cristea. That’s why, I can only respond to her words like this.
This Miria lifted me up and patted my back. This fellow’s patting is gentle and it makes me calm down, so I obediently let myself get patted.

「It seems that Cristea-sama and others already left with Sire a little while ago… you were left to watch the house, huh?」
「…… Nya?」

… Wha? Come again? They left!?
Those guys left without me?

「Ginya!? Nyanyanyanyanya-!」

Are you serious!? They left me behind-!
Miria got startled by my dissatisfaction and tried to soothe me.

「Kya! W, what’s the matter? Are you feeling lonely being left to watch the house after all?」

…! I, I wasn’t feeling lonely or anything, alright!? I was just hating on them for leaving me behind! I mean, I did not let them know that I will be tagging along this time as well, but… they did not have to leave me behind…
Miria gently patted me who was feeling dejected.

「…… Will you let me have the privilege to brush you after a long while? How about I ask Shin to bake a bacon as a snack for you?」
「…… Nya」

… Can’t be helped. I will accompany you if you say so.
I caressed Miria’s arm with my tail.

「Kaguya-! Sorry! I am sorry! We will definitely go together the next time, okay!」

Cristea earnestly apologized when she returned from the sea. She apparently completely forgot about me, so she was apologizing for a long time.
Even so, I won’t forgive her so easily!
When I continued with my sulky posture, I got a heap of wonderful fish slices… something called Sashimi for the dinner. This was apparently her apology. It was fresh and delicious.
Well, let’s declare our intentions of tagging along the next time she goes. Yup. Next time, I want to eat fresh fish at the sea.

… It’s a secret that I was secretly sulking when I found out that she was going to a thing called academy in the future, which will decrease the opportunity to go to the sea.


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