Shomin no Aji – Chapter 34

I got assaulted in my sleep.


Teshi, teshi… teshi.
Nmuu…? Something is… hitting my face…
Nnn… but I’m so sleepy… guu.

Uuu… it’s soft and feels nice… guu.

『Oy, will you wake up?』

Nn? Something soft is… hitting my cheek… the rubbing is nice too…

「… Nua? It’s Byakko-sama…」

Fuwaa… I had enough of mofumofu for today… good night… suyaaa…

『You are quite impudent, aren’t you? … That’s not it, wake up』
「Nn~… it’s still not even a morning, isn’t it… uu… so sleepy」
『Oh… the night is still young』
「… Isn’t it midnight… n? Byakko-sama?」
『You are still half-asleep…』

Mini Byakko-sama climbed on top of me, hitting and rubbing my cheeks with his forepaws.
Being hit by paws is… rewarding, so thank you very much… nn?

「… Why are you talking normally and not with your secondary voice…?」
『Secondary voice? I don’t understand quite well, but I’m connected to you via telepathy. Others would get startled if they found me here meowing, wouldn’t they?』
「… Doesn’t that make it seem like I’m saying something strange in my sleep then…」

Seriously. First of all, I cast a soundproof magic inside my room so I don’t wake up the others.

「Fuwaa… really… why are you creeping into a young lady’s bedroom…」
『Feel relieved. I’m not interested in children』

I thought so. Creeping into my bedroom at night… what has he come for? I’m sure it’s not anything good.
Alright, not getting caught up is the objective.

「… Children need plenty of sleep, so please take your leave. Good night」
『Oy, don’t sleep!』


「What is it, really~ … Wha! Did something perhaps happen to Sei-sama!?」

If that’s the case then the story is different! Because I suddenly jumped up, Byakko-sama fell of the bed due to the rebound.

『Doha! Don’t get up all of sudden!』
「That’s where you are supposed to splendidly land! Rather than that, what about Sei-sama?! Is she safe!」
『You… if it’s her, then she’s currently sound asleep at the inn』
「What… don’t startle me like that… then, what is your business?」

I heaved a sigh of relief and asked what’s the matter again.

『I’m hungry』
「… Ha?」
『I’m hungry, so give me something to eat』
「… Good night」

Ha~… it was something worthless after all.

『Oy! Don’t sleep! Wake up and let me eat!』


「Nmo~! Shouldn’t you be asking your contractor Sei-sama for food!」

I sprung up and protested.

『… Oopsie. I’m just splitting my powers with her. She can’t do something like making a meal. She has never even walked into the kitchen after all』

Mumu, I couldn’t make him fall down this time…

Well, I must admit, an Ojousama wouldn’t be making the meals herself… eh? Me? I’m an exception, you know?? I want to eat delicious meals, so I have no choice to make them myself.

「… She seems to be quite knowledgeable about things like miso and soy sauce though?」
『Well that’s because she was quite free on the ship on the way here. She must have memorized it after wandering about and hearing others talk about it』
「I see」
『That’s why, let me eat something. You have made something, right?』
「… How do you know?」

I ask with suspicious eyes.

『I have a good nose. I’m sensitive to appetizing smells』
「Even if you say it with that smug face…」

Your nose is way too good…

『What smug face? Never mind that, c’mon, take it out』

He demanded by striking the knees of me who was sitting on top of the bed.

What to say about this?
Even though I stored it in the inventory in order to prevent others from sneaking a bite, a sponger appeared!


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