Shomin no Aji – Chapter 342

A wee bit lonely.

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A few days after the tea party, the envoy from the Bastea Company that delivers goods to our residence informed me of Sei’s departure to the Capital.
Though I heard about the departure from Sei himself, the time for his departure passed in a blink of an eye.
A carriage carrying his baggage and guards from the Company apparently accompanied him. Byakko-sama and others would surely be able to subdue any monster or bandits that challenged them anyway, so he has the strongest guards. Because Sei is honest, he must have decided answer the kindness of the Company even though he can warp straight to the Capital with Byakko-sama.

I was a loner with no friends up until I regained the memories of my past life, so with no one to accompany me for a tea or a meal, I have become completely bored once again.
After that, Mashiro and Kurogane must have noticed that I spent my days in boredom and were inviting me for walks and frequently demanded me to brush them. Well, that’s as usual though. I, who was continuously healed by mofumofu realized that I was being a useless master, and carefully brushed them as an apology.

「It might be better for me to depart to the Capital soon as well」

I muttered while brushing Mashiro in my room.
It’s not like I was with Sei at all times, but we had many opportunities to meet, and without the noisy Byakko-sama and others around, I do feel quite lonely. I won’t be able to meet up with Sei and others after coming to the Capital either, but I don’t think I can make friends here in the short period until I head to the Capital.
Besides, Mariel-chan is waiting for me in the Capital, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to go there earlier and have Mariel-chan show me around the town?

『Cristea, lonely?』
「… A wee bit」

I was nostalgic and really delighted eating the dishes I made with my past life’s memory with the people who resembled my past life’s Japanese.
Of course, everyone in the mansion found my food delicious as well, but they have never eaten something like that before, so it was an unknown kind of deliciousness for them.
It can be said that the existence of Sei with whom I could find nostalgic things together was quite large. Naturally, I understood that Yahatul is not the same as Japan of my past life from talking with Sei, but being able to share the feeling of “nostalgia” through the dishes I cooked had quite a big impact on me.
I might not be able to have many exchanges with Sei and others when my academy life starts, but I intend on supplying Byakko-sama and others as much as I can. I think that it would be a good idea to comfort Sei with food of his birthplace even a little until the problem of the successor settles down.
As for me, Mariel-chan who has the memories of the same world from her past life just like me is waiting for me in the Capital, so I don’t think I will be lonely. That’s why I’m thinking of helping Sei with the flavors of his birthplace from the shadows.

「Once in the Capital, let’s invite Mariel-chan to show us around the town. I was only at the mansion and the royal palace during the New Years, so I am looking forward to going to the Capital’s market」
『Mariel? … Ahh, that lass, huh. I am doubtful of her suspicious behavior a little, but… I shall protect her as well since she’s Lord’s friend』
『Ah~ that girl? She’s a bit weird, isn’t she?』

Hey, hey, you mustn’t treat Mariel-chan as a suspicious person or an eccentric…
She just has a “Delusional habit cultivated in the past life” but she won’t have weird delusions about you two, so please protect her well, okay?

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