Shomin no Aji – Chapter 36

Soundproof magic is convenient.


Haaah… I’m tired from shouting…

「Seriously… I never heard of an exhibitionistic sacred beast before…」
「Who is exhibitionist, oy」

Even while complaining the chopsticks in his hand doesn’t stop. Nukadzuke makes a nice sound, doesn’t it!

「Oh my, you don’t happen to know?」

I glare at Byakko-sama with scornful eyes.

「I just only forgot myself for a bit, didn’t I~?」

Byakko-sama’s clothes are made with magical power… rather, the magical power is the body itself, so he wore them in an instant.
He’s currently gulping down the orc miso soup in Doristan Kingdom’s clothes.

「You are not wearing clothes similar to Sei-sama’s, huh」
「Ah? That’s women’s wear」

Of course, I know that. I was just wondering what men’s wear looks like.
Is it Japanese formal wear-like, I wonder? I couldn’t find out from the Giant of a Man-san because he was wearing Doristan Kingdom’s clothing~ Let’s ask O-Sei-chan next time.

「Wow~ This tonjiru is tasty!」
「I told you it’s orc soup」
「Either is fine~ seconds!」
「Hey… what addicted eyes are those…!」

If he doesn’t hold back right about now, the servants might shed blood tomorrow. I would like to prevent that.

「No~ because I’m using magical power to wear clothes… ah… they seem to be disappearing~?」
「Stop making up lies! This is the last one, okay!」
「Eh~ not! In the first place, there was no portion for Byakko-sama, okay!?」
「Don’t be stingy~」
「Who’s stingy! … Huh? Are you perhaps talking naturally?」
「I’m in the human form after all. Besides, you have cast soundproofing, didn’t you? No one will notice even if you make so much noise」
「Whose fault do you think it is!」
「Well~ maybe mine?」
「Maybe? Seriously!」

Ahh seriously… I’m really glad I cast soundproof magic… my shouts don’t leak outside, so there’s no sign of people coming over.
My soundproof magic is perfect. Un.
It’s a practical soundproof magic used when having a private discussion, but in my case, I learned it because I wanted to sing songs from my past life. Its necessity was pressing.

In this world, music is the specialty of minstrels, so it would be troublesome if people started addressing me with「A diva…!」「The goddess of music…!」and things like that. Rather, it was really close.

While humming a song from my past life, Miria and the servants were deeply moved, it was really troublesome.
I can’t tell them I have memories of my previous life, much less lie that it’s an original song I came up with myself, so I had a difficult time deceiving them. It wouldn’t be funny if I got forced into studying music! I have no will to play a harp or something like that!

Still, I have times where I want to sing in a loud voice, so I learned soundproof magic for that reason.
I enjoy a solitary karaoke singing the songs of my favorite artists and idol groups. Fufufu.

Although I said that, if I’m not careful about my surroundings, people would think weird of me when I perform a soundless karaoke. Once when I was enthusiastically singing, I got caught by Shin who looked at me with confused, suspicious eyes… gununu.
Since then, I always check my surroundings…

No, leaving that aside.
Anyhow, I wish to send Byakko-sama back. I’m already so, so sleepy…
Ah, I will properly report about this to O-Sei-chan though, alright!?
Eh? Such desperate-looking face won’t work against me, okay!? I will definitely have O-Sei-chan punish you!


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