Shomin no Aji – Chapter 37

Apology and Request.


「Cristea-dono, I’m truly sorry that our Tora caused you so much trouble」

O-Sei-chan deeply lowered her head in apology.

「That’s… it’s not like it’s Sei-sama’s fault」

Don’t mind it… is hard to say though. I had insufficient sleep thanks to Byakko-sama. I will leave it at that because it seems that O-Sei-chan gave him a proper scolding. I plan to get this debt repaid by Byakko-sama, not O-Sei-chan.
When will I have him repay it, I wonder?

「So, umm… the person behind Sei-sama, is that your attendant…?」

I have been curious since a while ago. About the beauty behind O-Sei-chan. She’s hanging the struggling and violent Byakko-sama by the scruff, so the uncomfortableness I get from her is not a little. That thing… or not, that is more or less a sacred beast, you know?? Your handling is so rough!

She has a burning-like red hair that spreads behind her back and is wearing Doristan’s men’s clothes, but it doesn’t conceal her flashy model-like body. Mumu, she’s wearing a corset, right? This person… she’s not a maid, she looks almost like a guarding female knight…

「Ah, this…」
「Lord[Aruji], calling me “this” is heartless of you. How do you do, Cristea-sama? My name is Suzaku, I have also formed a contract with Lord. At your disposal…」

She introduced herself with a smile.

… e, eh, contract? Suzaku, she said… perhaps THAT Suzaku!? Ehh?!

「Eh… err…」
「I’m Lord’s contracted divine beast. Ahh, was it a sacred beast over here?」

To think there would be a second sacred beast-!!?
Eh? Eh! O-Sei-chan, aren’t you too amazing!? Aren’t you a bigger cheat than me!?!?

「Umm, you see. I have come here bearing a request for Cristea-sama」

Suzaku-sama approached me. Too close, too close!

「Hey, Suzaku. You are too impatient」
「But! This idiotic tiger has been bragging without shutting up all this time!」

When O-Sei-chan rebuked her, she objected in vexation.
As expected of Sacred Beast-sama. Treating Byakko-sama as an idiotic tiger…

「The Furench tost? was delicious, that the tonjiru and onigiri were exquisite, he would endlessly brag and brag…!」

Eh? What did you say?? Byakko-sama, what are you bragging for?? I’m glad you liked it though!!

「Even though I endured on the little power I could take from Lord all this time… and yet this! Idiotic tiger!」

It’s unfair that only you get to eat delicious food~! Suzaku-sama said while on the verge of tears. Umm… just what reaction should I have…

「Suzaku, will you calm down… right, Cristea-dono?」
「Ah, yes」
「It really pains me to request this of you right after apologizing, but…」

Ah, yes… I can somehow take a guess.

「Coud you please feed this starving sacred beast?」

Of course~! I thought so!

「Lord! Calling me something disgraceful like a starving sacred beast, how cruel!」

Suzaku-sama said with teary eyes… ah, ah, you can’t tighten the grip on Byakko-sama’s neck!?

「It’s the truth, isn’t it? You ask too」
「Ye! Yes! Cristea-sama, I plead you!」

Yes! Gladly since it’s a beauty’s request!
… Byakko-sama is completely limp though, is he okay?


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