Shomin no Aji – Chapter 40

Is simpleness hereditary?


「Why… you ask? Sei-sama is able to contract multiple divine beasts, so you must possess a wonderful magical power, so I just wondered whether you have contracted other divine beasts as well?… That’s what I simply thought, but…」

I don’t mean any harm, you know? I answer while tilting my head slightly to the side. It was a question out of pure curiosity. I mean, since you have Byakko and Suzaku, what about the others… right?

But, as I thought, that would be impossible even for O-Sei-chan…?

「It’s only natural because Lord is wonderful! I have made a contract with her after all, see? Because Lord possesses outstanding power, she naturally has other divine beasts (companions) too, you know?」

Ahem! My Lord is amazing! I was taken aback by Suzaku-sama’s boasting, so O-Sei-chan’s expression relaxed.

「Haa… Suzaku… you are way too merry today」
「That’s because it’s only given for Lord to be magnificent!」
「Fu… oh well. It’s as Cristea-dono said, I certainly have other divine beasts too」

As I thought!

「However, one is shy of strangers and the other one finds most things bothersome」

It doesn’t look like I can ask to meet them.

And then, I was asked to keep her multiple contracts secret. Of course.
I might get dragged into something dangerous if I let the world know. Having a concealment sphere on my person in case the time comes would be just right. I reflected on asking something that made her vigilant and apologized.

「I don’t mind. I was startled by your sudden question, but Cristea-dono is the first friend I made over here and most of all, Tora and Suzaku aren’t on alert around you. With that alone, you deserve my trust」

I was surprised for a bit, but it’s apparently okay to know because we are friends.
Yeaaah! I have received friendship declaration from O-Sei-chan! Yaaay!

「Since we are friends, you will entertain your friend and her sacred beasts, right?」
「Yeah! Of course!」
「I’m looking forward to it」

We mutualy giggle… we giggled but, huh? Am I actually getting sponged off by the Lord and her retainers…?

「Ohh right, I forgot. As an apology for the previous incident, I thought of presenting you the usual tea」

Saying such, O-Sei-chan gifted me with gyokuro, sencha, matcha set.

Un, the society is give-and-take, isn’t it!
I will make matcha pudding next time, okay!
Ah, I still have some pudding left, so please take it as a present for the rumored sacred beasts!
N? Since when were you there, Byakko-sama? Eh? Where’s your portion? There’s none, you know?!
I won’t be deceived even if you turn into a cute tiger cub and pretend to cry, alright?

Ufufufufu… yay! I have finally obtained tea that is not black tea! Matcha sweets, which should I make? Uji Kintoki shaved ice, cake, matcha dorayaki would be nice too…

… I’m self-aware that I’m simple, got a problem!?


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