Shomin no Aji – Chapter 41

Fluffiness is comitment.


The effect of the pudding present was tremendous. Wanting to give thanks, all of the sacred beasts gathered. Well… their purpose were snacks though.

I have been expecting this, but the remaining divine beasts were Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama. Of-co-ur-se they were~!

Seiryou-sama is a young man with dark green, straight, long hair put in a ponytail, a handsome guy with a slightly nervous atmosphere. The shy one is surely Seiryou-sama. As for his sacred beasts form, it’s not that of a Western dragon as I thought. Uwaa~ I want to see it!
Genbu-sama finds moving troublesome and was carried in turtle form by Seiryou-sama. I see, really finds most things bothersome…

I decided to treat them today to Oyakodon as promised. I made it from a meat of bird that resembled chicken and its eggs~

I have asked Galvano Ojisama to make me several Oyakodon pans!「What are you planning to do with so many weird-looking pots?」is what he asked me, but there are many people in our house. You need many pans to make many dishes at the same time, right?

I cooked meat with onions on fire and then added plenty of eggs. I lightly mixed the eggs, doing only a bit of mixing to get a smooth texture. All that’s left is to heat it. I placed it on a steaming rice and lifted the lid to avoid hardening because of the heat. Removing it from the fire at the right moment so the egg won’t harden too much is essential. It’s not a problem in my case because of my inventory, but I gave plenty of detailed instructions to the head chef.
Mitsuba parsley is a wild-growing plant that grows around the brook of our house which I discovered while on a stroll, so I used that. There, similarly, was watercress, so I made boiled greens in soy sauce.

「Well then everyone, eat up」

Prompting the guests to eat up, starting with O-Sei-chan, the four divine beasts began eating.

Oh? Genbu-sama turned into a human… I somehow imagined a grandpa, but he’s a pretty boy with appearances aged similar to ours?? Eh? Children form is so that you wouldn’t pointlessly waste power? Haa… I see, is that so… he’s eating slowly too and chewing plentily. That’s a good thing.

Eh? Byakko-sama already finished? Seconds? There’s none, you know? If you are going to complain, then there won’t a share of your dessert that comes after this… yes, please wait obediently, okay?

Suzaku-sama is… in the middle of an erotic food reportage… even though there are no other people except us, please show some self-restraint, okay?
Ah… she didn’t hear me, did she? She’s jiggling and trembling with an expression of ecstasy. This is hopeless.

Seiryou-sama is… eating in silence, isn’t he… does it not suit his tastes, I wonder…? Ah, he noticed Byakko-sama was aiming at him, so he began eating in a hurry… his expressionless eating with swelling cheeks is slightly scary.

O-Sei-chan is… eating in a good mood. I’m glad it suits your tastes more than anything. Ah, there’s a grain of rice sticking to your cheek, you know?
Ufufu, you are adorable when you turn bright red!

The personalities of the four divine beasts are reflected in how they eat, it’s fun looking at them~
We have to hold a feast again, don’t we!

However, weren’t the four divine beasts China’s gods…? is what I thought, but I shouldn’t pursue this matter too deeply… Yahatul might be a country consisting of a mix of Asian countries.
Should I try asking for ingredients when I feel like making Chinese menu?


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