Shomin no Aji – Chapter 42

It's the long-awaited dessert!


Now that everyone finished eating, shall I take out the dessert?

Fufufu… the dessert which appeared from my inventory is something I made from the matcha I received the other day! Ta-dah! It’s a thick matcha ice cream!
And! That’s not all! I placed anko and matcha ice cream on the small pancakes I made! Please add fresh cream on the side to your liking, okay?
Since everyone has two pancakes, it can be eaten without a knife and fork, they could just be stuffed with jam like dorayaki! Eat up however you prefer it, okay?
I naturally prefer dorayaki-style, so my manners might be poor, but I’m going to eat with my hands! Itadakimasu!

Fuaaa… yummy… I did well making Anko… naturally, I’m still far away from wagashi artisans, but I did my best making Anko while recalling theohagi I made with Obaachan, you know? Un, the sweetness is moderate, it matches with the matcha ice cream well!

Shin told me「I don’t understand the meaning of seriously learning magic just for this…」regarding the matcha ice cream. Isn’t that fine, not being serious when making delicious food has adverse effects! In the first place, it was extremely difficult, okay? It would harden and become bad without delicate control, okay??
I made many prototypes while trying to make matcha ice cream, you see?
Something as precious as matcha, of course I will take it seriously, you know?

I successfully made ice cream, so I will challenge Uji Kintoki shaved ice next.
I have broadly explained the ice shaving machine to Galvano Ojisama, but Galvano Ojisama has been racking his brains thanks to me not having any sense of explaining mechanisms, so it became Ojisama’s homework.
I thought I would somehow manage with magic until the ice shaver is complete, but even in creating a lump of ice, I was not able to achieve it’s peculiar texture. I tried imagining it in extreme details, but I wasn’t able to do it.
Then, how about snow? Is what I thought, but if I lost control by any chance, it might cause abnormal weather in the surroundings.
Since it came to that, I imagined using air cutter on a lump of ice… I tried doing that, but I accidentally pulverized things other than the ice.
… I have no choice but to put my hopes on Galvano Ojisama.

Compared to that, chilling gradually, mixing, and then chilling again… making ice cream was quite simple. That gradually was difficult though. My own roughness was the ruin of me… (distant look)
Ugh… I can only practice!

Eh? Byakko-sama, you are demanding seconds again? No way. Not until you repay your debt to me, okay?

Others are… eating in a daze, aren’t they?
Eh? Hahh… you didn’t think that you would be able to eat Anko in this land? Yes, I did my best! … Yes? You want to eat ohagi and zenzai?
… Erm, sticky rice is… eh, you have it? You will bring it next time? I understand! Leave it to me!
Yay! I will be able to eat mochi thanks to that!
If possible, I would like to get somewhat larger portion!!!

… I’m simple after all, aren’t I…


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