Shomin no Aji – Chapter 43

Idle Talk ~TKG is Justice!


Story of a little while ago.

There was something I’ve wanted to eat for a such a long time (rather, for my entire second life) once I discovered the precious soy sauce.

TKG… right, Tamago Kake Gohan.
When I tried to challenge Tamago Kake Gohan without soy sauce the last time, everyone told me I would get an upset stomach, so I gave up on it… now that I have obtained soy sauce, I couldn’t help but want to make it.
It wasn’t to a degree that made me think to eat it in secret, so I might as well let everyone taste its deliciousness.
Besides, I also don’t want to get an upset stomach. Even though it would become popular if we somehow cleared the problem of eating eggs raw…

Salmonella… it would be nice if I were able to do something about it.
I can’t eat Tamago Kake Gohan abroad!? Is how I felt when I heard that I shouldn’t eat foreign eggs raw, so I researched various things too. I didn’t travel abroad though!

What’s the best thing to do I wonder… in my past life, chickens were apparently given various antibiotics, but that would be impossible over here…
The bacteria apparently multiplies when the eggs are moistured…

Even though it seems that it would be all right to eat a fresh egg immediately after being laid… it quite doesn’t work like that, does it…

Ugh, this is a deadlock… while groaning over eggs before the kitchen, Shin whose body was fully bloodied suddenly appeared.

「Wha! Wait, Shin! What happened!? Are you okay!?」

When I rushed over in panic, I was stopped.

「No! It’s not like I got injured or anything! We’ve got a fresh orc, so I was dismantling it」

Eh… dismantling an orc!? Shin is able to dismantle!? Moreover, an orc… hiee… I saw a pig dismantling on TV, but it was super grotesque though??

「I’m glad you came. It would really help if you could cast Cleaning magic on me…」

Ah, of course. It would be better to clean him with Cleaning magic.

「… Yes… is this fine? Just in case, you should thoroughly wash your hands」

You are touching the ingredients, so do that in place of disinfection.

「Thanks, that helped」

Shin was pleased that he didn’t have to bathe in the cold water.
Yeah, although it has been hot lately, the water in the well is cold…

「… Huh? Wait a moment?」
「Ah? What is it? The orc has been killed just recently, so it won’t taste good for a while, you know?」

Shin who was going to the storehouse with the orc meat he dismantled said such.
Ah, I thought so. The orc meat has to mature… I wasn’t talking about that.

「Cleaning magic…」

Won’t it work if I cast Cleaning magic on it??
We have received a word from the Ministry of Magic that we can use Cleaning magic on beans instead of washing them in a tub. It would be difficult for them to carry any diseases then, they said… doesn’t that mean that Cleaning magic is able to destroy the bacteria??
If that’s the case, then there’s only one thing to do.

「Oy, what are you…」

I took an egg into my hand and cast Cleaning magic on it. Furthermore, I cracked it open and cleaned the insides too.

「… Alright」

I have come this far. I have no choice but to let my body test it out!
I swiftly took out freshly cooked rice in a rice bowl from my inventory, poured the egg and soy sauce on it, mixed it together and quickly tasted it.

「Ah!! You…!」

Before Shin could stop me, I promptly gulped down the Tamago Kake Gohan.

「Ah… delicious…!」

My past life’s Tamago Kake Gohan… what is this, this rich deliciousness… this is happiness…
As expected, Tamago Kake Gohan is justice…!

「Idiot! I told you it will wreck your stomach, didn’t I!? Hey! Vomit it!」

I avoided Shin’s hand which aimed towards my bowl and ate everything.

「Wha… you…!」

Shin’s face turned pale. I’m sure he must feel guilty because he was right next to me.

「It’s fine! I found a way to avoid getting an upset stomach!!」
「… Are you saying the truth?」
「Yeah! That’s why I ate it to verify that method」
「… Doesn’t that mean that it’s still not okay to eat!!!!」

… You could say that?

Speaking about the result, it was all right!
Yay! It will be all-you-can-eat TKG from now on…! (Smug face…!)


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