Shomin no Aji – Chapter 44

Let's make a deal. 1


For the sake of all my beloved mofumofu mofunists, I have invited a special guest today! Byakko-sama, I look forward to working with you! Applause~! Clap, clap, clap, clap…

「… tte, of course that’s not the case!」
『Uoh!? What, why?』

Bafu I strike the pillow. As expected, it’s not possible to tsukkomi Byakko-sama.

「No, it’s nothing… rather, Byakko-sama, you are really desperate, aren’t you? Attacking a lady in her bed… you can’t do that??」
『Aren’t you still awake? In the first place, I have no interest in brats』
「That’s not the problem!」

Yes, it’s currently nighttime. The location is my bedroom.  Byakko-sama has intruded once again… he really is desperate, isn’t he? He’s not in his human form so just accept it? No, no, I’m telling you that’s not the problem.
First of all, I cast soundproofing magic to not get noticed by my family.

「So? What is your business?」
『I demand improvement of my treatment!』

… Is that a line you should say while receiving my Goldfinger-like massage and absorbing my magical power…?

「… Erm, you are not my contracted sacred beast in the first place, so improvement of the service would be…」
『Tch, you noticed…』

No, of course I noticed… rather, clicking one’s tongue at a lady is rude, you know?

『Even though I came here with great difficulty to eat something delicious and I can’t even fill my belly, isn’t that just too much!?』
「I’m honored that you find my food delicious, but…」

I feel like my value would decrease if I let him eat delicious things endlessly because he would eventually take me for granted. I think that eating delicious food and thinking I could eat a bit more~ is just about the right amount.

So when I think about it, Byakko-sama is overeating. I don’t think it’s healthy to give in to Byakko-sama when he demands. I don’t think this situation that is similar to an artificial feeding is good for O-Sei-chan who is his contractor.
I explained that to Byakko-sama.

『Hmm… then, how about we make a deal?』
「A deal?」
『Right. I will teach you magic and hunt some game for you. You will let me eat in turn』

That wouldn’t be anything like a contract, but an equal transaction, right? Said Byakko-sama.
… You think so? That certainly seems like labor of equal worth, but…

But, I have an interest in learning magic…


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