Shomin no Aji – Chapter 47

Let's make a deal. 4


While anxious about the meathead Byakko-sama, the person (tiger?) himself continued his instructions.

「Hmm… how should I explain this… the other fellows said something about imagining a certain point on a map connected by dots with other points, didn’t they…」

I understand that, but I don’t understand at all.

「Also… imagining opening a door connected to the place you want to go…」

N? Isn’t that like a certain robot’s convenient door that leads to anywhere? If that’s the case, then imagining that would be easy…? Although, it’s not like I can open a door in the place I want to go, for example, it could incite chaos if I suddenly opened a door out of nowhere in a public place… hmm.

Ah, but wait? Points connected by dots… door… hmm… I feel like I’m grasping it… also what, doesn’t it somehow feel similar to a subspace you pass through to get to different places… what about an image like that? No, I learned that living beings can’t survive in subspace, didn’t I… no good, huh. That means, connecting space, is most realistic, huh.

From point to point… imagining a connecting space… for example, from the door in front of me to…
While thinking such, I could see the space before warping.

「… Eh?」

Before I noticed, several centimeters large door appeared in front of me.

「Eh!? Uwa!?」

Shrinking away in shock, I ended up falling on my backside. Ha, so embarrassing…

「Oh~ you did it」

As expected, my instructions are great! Yeah, yeah! Byakko-sama nodded in consent, but you are wrong, okay?

「Eh… i, is it the Warp Magic?」

I absentmindedly approached the door and nearly fell in…

「Yeah, I think you made it properly?」

Eh, seriously?
D, did I just learn the beginner level Warp Magic…?

No, no. It’s not clear yet, right?
I have to verify if I made it properly.

Umm… on the bed.
Bofun! Wa~ how soft! … Not, yeah. I’m on the bed.

Next is… the library.
Oops, I seem to have hit a shelf!
Yeah, this is the library, isn’t it?

Then, back to the bedroom!

「… I did it」

It was real. Eh, what is this? Is this not great??

「Ohh, you are quite skillful, aren’t ya!」

I’m honored by your praise. No, wait a moment. I have a certain feeling that I did something outrageous… I carefreely asked him to teach me, but I didn’t think I would learn this quickly?? Otousama and Teacher Marlen have keen insight…! Let’s keep silent about the Warp Magic for the time being…

「Alright, I taught you the Warp Magic, so give me food!」

Byakko-sama suddenly reached out his hands. Fu… naive.

「Oh my? Byakko-sama said that this was a beginner level, didn’t you?」
「Ah? Did I?」
「Yeah. Teaching me Warp Magic was a part of our deal, so just the beginner level is not enough, is it?」

It’s not good unless you teach me everything, right? When I answered with a smile, Byakko-sama’s face cramped.

「You… you are actually not a human, but rather a demon, aren’t you…?」

What did you sayyy! How rude!
Thinking that our deal would be done with just that is strange in the first place!?


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