Shomin no Aji – Chapter 48

The deal goes on... is what I would like to say, but someone! Interpreter!


「Shiiit! Alright! Then, I will crisply teach you, alright!」
「Just how hungry are you…」

Although shocked, Byakko-sama decided to continue teaching me the Warp Magic.

「Then, since you are now able to do a simple warp, let’s warp using a marker next!」

Now then? What’s that I wonder?

「Marker is a means of fixing a destination of the warp in advance」
「I see, I see」
「You are going to use your own magical power to mark a specific place」
「Ah? You fix your magical power in place to use it as a warp point」

Fixing magical power in place? … How do you do that??

「By the way, I fixed it here」

He said such and pointed at the center of the room.

「Wha! When did you do that!?」

To mark a maiden’s bedroom, what an outrageous sacred beast!?

「There~ there~ don’t mind the little things. This is a marker」

I felt Byakko-sama’s magical power from a place that dimly started shining.

「You fix a marker like that and simply warp to it」
「Is that method you taught me a little while ago no good?」
「It’s not without a use, but if you make a fixed place for warping with your magical power, you will be able to warp more reliably and comfortably, right?」
「I see…?」

I don’t understand the difference.

「How do you fix magical power in place?」
「N? Tightly (gutto) amass your magical power and swiftly (gatto) push it into the place you want to fix it in?」
「Gutto and gatto… is it…?」
「That’s right」

It appeared. His meatheaded instructions.
Eehhh, what am I going to do? What should I do with this?

Gutto Amassing magical power…? Erm, like compressing the magical power…? Ah yeah, it tightly gathered together… I think?
… And gatto this… how??
F, for now, I will try placing my hands on the floor and imagine swiftly pushing the magical power into the floor.
Then, when I thought the floor shined red for a moment, it instantly disappeared.
Huh? It vanished?

「Oh, alright, alright. Aren’t you a skilled one?」
「N? You fixed your magical power in place, right?」
「Eh? Was that it?」
「… Then, what were you intending to do just now?」

… I was translating Meathead Sensei’s instructions, but?

「Is it good like that??」
「Let’s see… how about giving it a try?」

Saying such, suddenly lifting me in his arms like a child, Byakko-sama warped.

「Wa! This is? … The garden, huh… that startled me…」

After being warped without realizing, I didn’t comprehend where I was for a moment…

「Alright, can you sense your magical power from here?」

Sense? … Ah, I might be feeling something familiar in the direction of my room…?

「Then, face that and warp to it」

Face that…? The moment I thought such, I was in my room.

「… Huh?」

I was able to warp right away.

「Looks like it went well」

Byakko-sama who warped after me appeared.

… Yeah… was the beginner level warp choosing a shortcut in the route I selected on the imaginary map? While that just now was an instant shortcut warp to a place I had fixed coordinations of? Something like that? Nn? N?

Cristea herself didn’t notice that she was close to becoming a meathead.
… She might have not wanted to notice.


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