Shomin no Aji – Chapter 49

It's practical application.


「Alright! Let’s continue! Next one, next one!」

Byakko-sama said that in high spirits, but I’m over capacity here! Hieeh! But, he might not teach me more if we stop here, so I have no choice but to do what I have to do!

「Next is… warping by using a magic circle… I have never used that, so learn it in school」

Wha, even though you shouted with fighting spirit, what a letdown…!
Even though I’m curious how to draw a magic circle~! I wanted to try drawing it!

「Ugh… there was no need for me to use it so I haven’t learned it… rather than bothering to draw a magic circle that wastes magical power, warping yourself directly is much more efficient」

That’s for certain. Since I can warp myself, there’s no need to expressly draw a magic circle with a lengthy chant that drains magical power in order to warp, huh… But, unlike Byakko-sama, people can’t warp around so easily, so they devised a lengthy spell that needs a magical power of several people so that they could warp.

「Haa… it can’t be helped then」
「Sorry about that. I will teach you about a practical application instead」
「Practical application…?」
「Yeah. You have asked me in the beginning, right? How did I warp in a place I haven’t visited before?」

Right, right. I haven’t heard yet about how Byakko-sama was able to warp into my bedroom he hasn’t entered before.

「Magical power doesn’t have a shape, but every individual’s magical power has its own presence, or rather characteristics, right?」

Hmm. Certainly. Teacher Marlen, O-Sei-chan, Otousama and others… each’s magical power has a different pattern, or rather, I’m able to discern their presences… do they individually differ like fingerprints?

「Yes, that’s so, isn’t it?」
「The trick is to read the magical power’s characteristics and warp while targeting it」
「Eh, something like the magical power’s pattern, how do you look for that?」
「That’s why it’s a practical application. You warp to a specific magical power while making use of search magic」

Apparently, he warped into the garden and searched for my magical power from there the last time he intruded. And he marked my room in the process…

A magic that combines warp magic and search magic, huh… I haven’t used search magic before…

「For search magic, imagine making your magical power thin and wide and then spreading it into the distance」

Oh, unusually specific explanation. Rather, Byakko-sama? He didn’t notice that he’s teaching me search magic too, did he? Ehehe… I made a profit♪

Hmm… search magic is as if I myself became a radar, isn’t it…?
Closing my eyes and while thinking of a radar, I make my magical power thin and spread it like a ripple.
Ah, I can somehow understand and feel several magical powers? This is… Otousama and Okaasama? … They are in their bedroom. Are they already sleeping? Miria… still hasn’t returned to her room as she still seems to be working. Thank you very much for your hard work. Umm… let’s try spreading it further… n~? It’s a bit far, but I can feel something that seems like O-Sei-chan’s magical power?

「Feel for a magical power presence different from mine and hop over there. There might be a trap if you feel resistance, so stop the warp immediately, alright?」

Eh, am I putting it in practice right away? … What to do, warping to Otousama or Miria would be bad, wouldn’t it?? Various things would get exposed after all.


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