Shomin no Aji – Chapter 5

Meeting again and release


I persuaded my parents with screaming unworthy of a noble lady and I who somehow managed to resolve the misunderstanding with Otousama was dragging him (I was practically pressing him while clinging to him. Otousama was making a delighted face…) to the dungeon where the boy was.
… We had a dungeon in our house, huh… ehhh… scary! What are you using it for? You don’t have it for times like this, right?!

「… You are, that time’s…」

As the boy noticed and looked at me, I was sure he would detest me.

「I’m sorry… I didn’t know it would turn out like this…」

I timidly apologized.
Otousama misunderstood that I was afraid of him and couldn’t conceal his displeasure. Papan, calm down! I’m the one at fault, alright~!

「Why did I have to get caught!? Have you scalded your mouth and had your parents retaliate because you didn’t like it?」

Even if I wanted to deny I can’t because he’s not at fault, it’s inevitable that he thinks that he has been kidnapped by a selfish Ojousama who threw a tantrum in front of her parents.
Did you already do something outrageous that would cause him such impression??
Ahh~ even if I didn’t know, what do I do?!

「I promise on my daughter’s honor that you think wrongly. Because the eyes of a foolish parent got clouded, I caused you trouble. I’m sorry」

Saying such, Otousama freed the boy from the dungeon himself.
Otousama… I will withdraw my thoughts of you being deredere and a bit uncool and easy, okay…!


「I’m terribly sorry, it was all caused because of me…」

I apologized to the boy in low spirits.
Ahh… takoyaki… no, even though the person who knows the secret of Okpal is right here… I can’t detain him any longer and cause him even more trouble. I will have to contact him again.

「No… it’s fine since it has been a misunderstanding. It’s only natural for parents to worry about their child. I have been also repaid for the time I wasn’t working」

Hoh… I’m glad. That’s right isn’t it, being detained for a period of several days he would have no sales.

「Well then」

Saying such, the boy tried to leave.

「Ah… umm, tako… that’s not it, those Okpal were very delicious! Would it be all right for me to come by again?」

I have to connect our next meeting first! I’m already desperate!

「Ah~… I don’t know whether I can continue using that stall…」


「I’ve gotten that place for a limited time after earnestly requesting it from the Trader’s Guild, but I caused a trouble…」

It might be difficult to keep the stall, he awkwardly added.
That’s ridiculous…! That’s, to not be able to eat that takoyaki anymore…! Is it my (no, Otousama’s) fault?!

「Sorry. Then…」

Seeing the boy apologetically leave even though it has been our fault, I caught a hem of his shirt without thinking.

「No… don’t go…」

My tears started unconsciously falling.
I won’t be able to bear not eating that anymore. I don’t want that…!

「Eh!? Oy!」

Startled by my tears, the boy became flustered and petrified.

「It’s… my fault… u… uee」

If I part with this boy here, I might not be able to eat it anymore.
I have already become desperate.
Just how gluttonous have I become?


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