Shomin no Aji – Chapter 51

The reason behind the shocking truth.


The moment I thought O-Sei-chan is not a girl but otoko no musume, huh…

「I’m just telling you to avoid further misunderstandings, but I don’t have the hobby of dressing as a woman, alright?」

O-Sei-chan… no, -kun? denies my doubts of being otoko no musume.

「… You seemed quite accustomed to those appearances though?」

I insert a tsukkomi with reproachful eyes.
The current O-Sei-chan has hair in a ponytail and dressed in Doristan’s men clothes, the tone of his voice is also thoroughly boyish, there are no signs of his usual Ichima-san looks.
He wore a thin make-up too, huh… he’s more feminine than me, isn’t he~… gununu. I was completely deceived…

「There are circumstances for this, you see…」

According to O-Sei-chan, O-Sei-chan was actually born after the Yahatul’s Emperor laid his hands on a low-ranked court lady and he was put up for an adoption to a samurai family. On top of that, there is a child of a consort, his elder brother from a different mother whose body is weak, and his life was constatnly in danger because the consort wanted his elder brother from different mother to succeed after the Emperor. Therefore, he decided to study abroad with the pretext of broadening his horizons. Secretely departing from Yahatul by relying on the kindness of a merchant that was on familiar terms with his foster-father, he secretely departed from Yahatul, planning to hide himself until he enrolled into the academy.

Wow… what a super template~…

「… Then, why the female clothing?」
「Yeah. There’s a tradition in our country to raise boys born from adultery as girls. My body was weak since I was young, so I couldn’t resist being dressed as a girl that much and it’s also easier to disguise myself, so…」

Come to think of it, there was such custom in my past life too, wasn’t there…

「My body was weak because it was getting accustomed to poison little by little, so there was that as well though…」

A bitter smile floated on O-Sei-chan’s… no, Sei-kun’s? face.
S, scary… he lived in enviroment where he had to get used to poison…!?

「Well, enough about that」

No, that’s not good! Is what I wanted to say, but O-Sei-cha… kun continued the story.

「This and that happened and as I was secretely leaving the country, these divine beasts whom I met on they way requested to make a contract with me」

Saying such, he looked at Byakko-sama and the rest of the divine beasts.
N? The contracts are so recent??

「All of the contracts with the divine beasts should have been by all rights Elder brother’s」

N? By all rights…? What is this about?

「Although not well-known to the foreign countries, the Emperor who oversees our country becomes an Emperor by contracting with a Dragon Deity who governs over the land of our country, thus becoming an existence close to a god」


「And then, there are four divine beasts who serve the Dragon Deity, that is them」

I see, I see.

「And fundamentally, he whom the four divine beasts form a contract with and protect will become the next Emperor」

… Yes?

「… Next?」
「Yes, they protect the one who will become the Emperor」
「… They protect Sei-sama?」
「Yes… -sama is not needed. You can call me Sei」
「… Haa… that means the next Emperor will be…?」
「That would be me」

Wha, what did you sayーーー!!!?


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