Shomin no Aji – Chapter 53

The fatigue is not just a little.


「Fuwaa… ah, excuse me」

I involuntarily yawned… ugh, the drowsiness started attacking me. Various things happened, but when I think about it, it’s currently in the middle of the night. Staying this late might have been possible in my past life, but I’m currently in a child’s body so this is the limit of my stamina. I also kept using magic.
Uu… do I have to transfer back to the mansion…

「Ahh, sorry to keep you this late for a talk. Tora, send her off」
「Yeah. Alright」
「Ah, no… I will return by myself」

When Sei commanded Byakko-sama, I declined in a hurry.

「Don’t be unreasonable. You have spent too much magical power, didn’t you? … Anyhow, it’s just Tora. I’m sure he won’t do anything absurd to Cristea-dono. Right, Tora?」
「I, I wouldn’t do something like that! This is a deal after all!」

Byakko-sama said hastily.

「A deal…?」
「Ah… crap. I, I will send Missy back first!」

As if trying to deflect Sei’s questioning gaze, Byakko-sama lifted me in a hurry and warped.

「Tora, I will ask you in detail when you return, alright?」

I heard Sei’s words just on the brink of the warp.


We warped to my bedroom when I blinked.

「Ohh… it’s my room」

As expected of Byakko-sama, he doesn’t feel uncomfortable after warping. Hmm, practice is necessary, this is…

After lowering me from his arms, Byakko-sama turned into a tiger cub and exhaustedly crumbled on the floor.

「… I don’t want to return」

Is he sulking? Ah well… he will surely be lectured when he returns. Of course, he wouldn’t want to return…
I pat the head and back of the tiger cub Byakko-sama. Even though I know that it’s Byakko-sama… rather, a Sacred Beast, it’s impossible to resist this fluffiness.

「There, there, if you don’t return, you will incur even more pointless anger, you know?」

Besides, if you promptly don’t return, I won’t be able to sleep. In fact, I’m quite sleepy already… sleeping while buried in mofumofu is attractive, but because it’s Byakko-sama… knowing that fact… un, not possible.

「That’s so, isn’t it…」

Haa… he sluggishly got up while breathing out a large sigh.

「Can’t be helped… I will return… ah! Give me something to eat before I return!」
「This time’s compensation!」

Saying such, Byakko-sama extended his forepaws.


He didn’t forget? How troublesome…

「Say, Byakko-sama? Since I treated you previous times… how about ending it here…?」

Byakko-sama stared at me with teary eyes when I said that…

「You… you really aren’t a human but a demon, aren’t you…」

No, no, how rude… I just made a suggestion.
Although I say that, he would be pitiful since he wouldn’t make any profit from this, so I retrieved onigiri and dorayaki I made a few days ago from the inventory and handed it over.

「The filling inside the onigiri is tsukudani… boiled down konbu with soy sauce. Share the dorayaki with others as an apology for the disturbance」

I hope this would decrease Sei’s lecturing at least a bit, but…

「Eh!? You are giving those guys too?」

My share has… Byakko-sama murmured.

Yeah, I take what I said back. It’s fine if Sei wrings you out, alright?


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