Shomin no Aji – Chapter 54

I want to eat THAT junk food.


After Sei’s otoko no musume coming out(?), the days that Sei who came visiting in female clothes got angry at me for staring at him continued for a while. I mean, you know…? His feminity is higher than mine, you know…? Although it’s just a disguise, he wears light make-up and his gestures are graceful.
Although his speech is old-fashioned and a bit suspicious, it’s apparently on purpose so that his male way of speech won’t come out.

I certainly wouldn’t have noticed it if he didn’t tell me about it.

Against such feminine Sei, the only thing I can win in is cooking…? Is what I thought, but children from respectable families don’t really cook, or do they…?
Ugh… I’m losing as a lady…
While crushed by the reality I have just become aware of, I decided to make a certain thing before Sei arrived.

How to say this, I suddenly felt like eating it, junk food I mean.

Right, the alluring potato chips… in order to make that addictive article, I earnestly sliced potatoes thinly.

It also a measure against the potatoes that are soon to sprout.
The cooking time… why did you carelessly buy so many potatoes!
It couldn’t be helped, so I made a massive amount of potato salad yesterday… it received favorable impressions, but I would like to avoid eating just a potato salad, so I had to plan the consumption of the large number of potatoes.

What I used to make the slices is a slicer I requested Galvano Ojisama to make. It’s like an improvised version of a plane that’s used to work with wood, but it’s in the shape of a saucer and I have already received a grater-like thing, so I have it quite convenient. Will peelers sell if we make them too?

I’m going to make some fried potatoes since I have the opportunity and I’m craving them too.
I will season them with salt and prepare herbs and spices for other flavors.

The oil temperature is at about 180 degrees. Because there’s no thermometer, I used chopsticks I asked Shin to make to estimate the temperature by the bubbles that formed in the oil and put the sliced potatoes in.

Although I don’t have tallow to make the chips, I found a vegetable oil very similar to the olive oil, so I’m using that.
I turn the chips over so they won’t burn and deep-fry one after another. After properly draining the oil, I sprinkle the chips with salt and herbs, and it’s complete!
Ater that, I finished making the fried potatoes too.
I garnish them with ketchup I made with the tomatoes from my personal vegetable garden.

「… This is probably not enough… shall I make something else?」

Taking the opportunity, I season a pseudo chicken with salt and pepper and make karaage. Should I make fritters with the watercress I got during this morning’s stroll too? … The oil would be wasted, so I should deep-fry more when deep-frying~ Not good, not good, eating just deep-fried food would be bad for the balance, let’s supplement with a salad and bread… Huh, the mid-afternoon snacks keep on increasing, don’t they… oh well… starting with Byakko-sama, everyone is a glutton anyway.

While thinking such, the preparations for the deep-fry festival have been completed. I distributed samples to the expectant people in the kitchen and stored rest in my inventory.
Ah, everyone, tell me your impressions later, okay?

Now then, is everyone about to come soon?


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