Shomin no Aji – Chapter 58

Strategy meeting?


「… That being the case, I’m troubled over what to make~」

I said worriedly at the kitchen’s table.
I might be bothering Shin who is preparing the lunch, but he’s listening to me because it will become troublesome later if I leave the matter aside… he’s only listening, though.

「No idea. I have no idea what menu the Crown Prince or the nobility prefers… ahh, there’s a noble who can’t serve as a reference before me, though」

Nuaah, how rude! However, it’s true that I can’t serve as a reference, so I have no place to complain! Gununu.

「I think of making something besides the recipes we sold for His Highness, but…」

That being the case, do I have to use Yahatul ingredients after all?
Hmm… If it was only Yahatul menu, wouldn’t he think that our Ellisfeed House is in contact with Yahatul? It wouldn’t be good for Otousama’s standpoint to be doubted… there has to be an important balance between the dishes I will have to prepare…

「Hey, you were sneakily making something some time ago, is that thing no good?」

Wwha!? I wasn’t making it sneakily!
Seriously! Ruining my reputation!

… Ah, I see. If it’s that…! Nobles are curious and prideful of new things, so letting him eat something he has never eaten before would bring us status… to warmly welcome His Highness, something that no one has ever eaten might be the best choice.

「Right… let’s go with that! I still haven’t completed the recipe, but… I will do my best at the last adjustments! Shin, thank you!」

I quickly stood up and hurried to my room.

「… I really didn’t do anything, though」

Shin muttered so and slightly looked towards the unveiling of the menu.


「Well then, Miria, I will form a barrier over here, so be careful not to approach for a while, okay?」

I was taught a barrier magic by Seiryou-sama in order to prevent Byakko-sama’s sudden house raids. His theoretical teaching was really easy to understand~ fufu.
Byakko-sama had teary eyes, but I was able to sleep peacefully thanks to this barrier as of lately… leaving that aside, it really helps at times like this because it isolates sound, smell, and presence… ufufufu.

「Certainly… but, will you be all right without anyone waiting at your side…?」

Miria looked at me worriedly.

「I will be fine. I will be within a powerful barrier. Moreover, this is in order to make a secret recipe for His Highness the Crown Prince’s welcome」

After I persuaded Miria that I will be doing my best on high alert to accomplish a very important mission, Miria nodded at me with a serious expression and withdrew.

「Now then… the barrier is established, let’s begin」

I placed many medicinal bottles and tools from my inventory onto the table and started working.


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